How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack (Infographic)

Cyber attacks are proliferating in number and complexity. From the exposed personal information of customers to fraudulent tax returns, recent high-profile cyber crimes have proven that every business needs have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

However, the Equifax breach of 2017 has also shown us that companies might be as prepared as they think they are. An IBM report found that 77% of organizations admitted to not having a formal cybersecurity response plan in place. Almost half of those surveyed said their plan was ad hoc if one existed at all.  

A thorough cybersecurity plan is both preventive and proactive. It covers multiple cyber attack entry points like insider threats, unsecured accounts, and weak passwords, as well as extends into the organization’s operations such as internal audits and compliance with regulations.

While it’s impossible to have total security, a cybersecurity strategy will go a long way in minimizing the disruption, damage, and losses if your organization is hacked. To see how your company’s cybersecurity preparedness measures up, follow this infographic from Varonis and find out where you need to add more layers to your cybersecurity.

A special thanks to Varonis  for this graphic.

Cyber Attack Flowchart


How to Sell on Amazon – B2B TechCopy

Selling on Amazon can be daunting for those who haven’t done it before, but it’s really not too difficult once you know how. Anyone can sell on Amazon: all they have to do is choose the right product, set up a profile and find a fulfillment provider.

Red Stag Fulfillment put together a complete guide to selling on Amazon, but for those who might want a quick read, we will condense it here.

Getting Started Selling on Amazon

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to select a product to sell. The best kind of product will be one that you can turn a profit from with minimum effort. A good product should:

  • Cost between $21 and $200
  • Be small, light, and easy to ship
  • Be easy to use and not easily broken (low-tech)
  • Be better quality than the competition
  • Be in high-demand (so much so that you will sell at least ten per day)
  • Give you between a 50-67% profit margin (to do this it must sell for two or three times it cost you)

Next, you will want to find a supplier. If you already run a small business you likely will already have this lineup, but if not you can start your search on Google for a wholesaler. These can be based in the United States or overseas. Alibaba is a popular site many retailers use to find wholesale suppliers overseas.

Once you know your product and your supplier you will need to calculate your profit by using the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator. That will help you know how much you need to sell to turn a profit.

You will then need to obtain supplies like a UPC code, photograph your product and create a logo and brand image for your store.

When setting up your account it is fairly straightforward. You can choose to sell as a professional or an individual, depending on the number of items you anticipate selling. From there, just create your seller account and set up your profile (you may need some confidential information here).

Selling Your Product

When listing your product be aware of category restrictions on certain products. If you are listing a product already on Amazon you can simply type in the name of the product and choose the option to sell on your own. If the product is not on Amazon you will need to “Create a New Product”, list its information as well as FNSKU number and Amazon’s internal UPC code. You can learn how to do that here.

Once your listing is live you will need to optimize it for best results. One thing you will be optimizing for is the Buy Box. To be eligible for the Buy Box you need to:

  • Be a professional seller account
  • Be in good standing as a seller
  • Sell new items rather than using
  • Have available inventory

They also look at things like whether or not you use Fulfillment by Amazon, Seller-Fulfilled Prime, a competitive price, and a fast shipping time. Make sure your product is clearly explained, uses keywords related to the product, and has professional product photos.

Choosing a Shipping Method

When choosing how to ship your product there are three options: ship yourself, use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or partner with a 3rd party logistics company. There are pros and cons to using each of these methods, but in many cases partnering with a 3rd party fulfillment company makes the most sense. The right company can give you all the convenience of FBA but provide a more customized approach for your needs and help you avoid costly taxes.

Once you have chosen a fulfillment company and have all of the logistics set up you can focus on expanding your business. If you plan to sell overseas you will want to make sure that your shipping company can accommodate these needs. Amazon has several options built in like FBA Export and Amazon Global Selling.

If you follow these basic steps you should have no problem getting started selling on Amazon. Remember to choose your product carefully, optimize your listing and choose the right fulfillment company and you will be in a great spot to make passive income on Amazon!

Business Etiquette Around The World (Infographic)


Business Etiquette Around the World

15 Ways to Manage Your Time Wisely [Infographic]


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Does working more hours lead to a healthier economy? [Infographic]

Hours Worked Vs Profitability

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IPv6 – What Everyone Must Know [An Infographic]

Ipv6 Basics What You Need To Know

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A Frank Discussion on The US Healthcare Plan

The problem comes in, that we are conditioned to seeing only one answer. And that’s what the insurance companies, medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies and government representatives (i.e. both Republican and Democrat)…want us to buy into. That:

Modern medicine is the ONLY way.

Well, it is in:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Terminal illnesses (in conjunction with prayer and spiritual healing)
  • Surgical intervention
  • Medical testing to find the pathology

And how did people get healed, before modern medicine came along? Well, they have 2 traditions…that are thousands of years old. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine. And they have another tradition called homeopathy.

And these traditions come with minimal sides effects. And don’t cost an arm and a leg, in terms of pharmaceutical drugs. And they don’t invent new ones – every year.

And there is something called spiritual healing. Which is well established and thousands of years old…in the Native American spiritual and medicine traditions. Or the Chinese equivalent of Qi Gong.

People go to these things – because they work. Or traditional medicine, has given up on them. Told them things, like they have a few months to live, etc. And the traditional doctors… will attribute any cure… to the placebo effect, statistical anomaly, etc.

Meanwhile, the Republicans will craft a bill And will try to tell us, it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And the World Health Organization, will probably continue to rate the US…in the mid-thirties – quality wise.

And I will probably spend the winters…in Central American or parts of Europe – like Spain. Since i know the popular European languages…and the languages of Latin America. And if I do need traditional medicine, I would get quality care…at a fraction of the drug and physician cost.

Or perhaps learn Japanese – alongside Mandarin. And teach English over in Japan. And get into their health system, for around $350 a year. Anyone with a long term visa – can do so.

Try an experiment. Go to the US government STEP program at STEP. Type in a country to visit, under the link country information – towards the bottom. Then after it comes up, click on the health tab. Let’s take Chile, for example. See what they have to say – in part:

Santiago has two main private hospitals that are accredited by The American Hospital Association and meet U.S. standards: Clinica Alemana and Clinica Las Condes. Both have international patient departments and experience with some international insurance companies.

It”s like modern marketing and advertising. They say these brand name vitamins, canned fruits, cereals, etc. – are the best. Even though it is a fact, they often come off – the same assemble line…as the store brands or generics.

Or folks try to tell you, that OEM (i.e. original equipment manufactures), make the best vehicle parts. But after market parts, can be just as good – or better. And much cheaper.

Reminds me of attending the ELCA Lutheran church service this week – within walking distance. I noticed the Islamic center next store was packed. So I stopped a couple of black Muslims and inquired what was going on. They told me that Ramadan had ended and they were breaking the fast. Well, I realized something. These Muslims were from Africa. And I also met Muslims, from the Middle East. Those from the Middle East, I always experienced as rude to outsiders. And those from Africa, were warm and friendly to outsiders. Both under the same religious umbrella. But belonging to different cultures. The African Muslims shook my hand and thanked me for asking.

It’s kind of like my Christian faith. It comes with the base, of a liturgical tradition (i.e. Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran or Anglican). But I add to it Franciscan contemplation (i.e. Richard Rohr), via Buddhist meditation methods (i.e. mindfulness and Zen). A love of Native American, spiritual and healing traditions. And throw in some health and prosperity thinking – with Joel Osteen. And visiting saints from the East. Like I did with Amma, at here nearby Illinois center at Amma.

See, here’s what’s missing folks. Take the Center for Contemplation and Action with Richard Rohr. We emphasize the action part (i.e. Christian charity, good works, etc). But we are missing the contemplation part. The two go together.  And if we throw in TV evangelist Joel Osteen, we add the third leg. Which is to expect, good things from God.

Here is a recent Quora discussion:
How is the Republican health care plan in any way better than “Obamacare”?

Oh, yes. The Republican bill. I just got this email – from my AARP membership:

AARP opposes the proposed health care bill because it would mean higher costs and less care for older Americans. It would:

    Allow insurance companies to charge older Americans five times more for coverage than everyone else and reducing the tax credits that help them afford their coverage.
    Cut Medicaid for around 15 million people, stripping away coverage from millions of Americans and leaving millions of seniors at risk of not getting the care they need.
    Cut funding for Medicare, leaving the door open to benefit cuts and Medicare vouchers.
    Providing tens of billions in tax breaks for drug and insurance companies.

We need you to join us in sharing this information on social media and helping drive calls to the Senate. Now that everyone has seen the Senate Leadership’s secret bill it’s being criticized by the Senators they need to pass it. The Senate leadership is cutting backroom deals to try and win votes. We need your help making sure your Senator’s vote no!

Together we can hold them accountable for their votes. Use your influence on Twitter and Facebook to urge your friends and family to join us in taking action today!

Oh, yes. I do have a sizable following – on Twitter and Facebook. And I did post – the AARP propaganda.

And I continue with my Medicare advantage plan. And all is well and good for me.

And here is an interesting article, in my email today. From the Dark Web News:

Access to Calls, Texts, and Location Being Offered on the Dark Web

steve wrote:Also hundreds of essential oils have been used for thousands of years because they work!

Just a bit of footnotes – to Steve’s comment. The technical name is aromatherapy. There’s a description of it on Wiki at Wiki on aromatherapy.

Web MD also covers the topic at Web MD on aromatherapy..

One name for modern pharmaceuticals is allopathy. I remember when I was anemic. And I had blood tests, conducted by the primary care physician. The nurse called and said I needed a prescription for iron. I asked why I needed “a prescription”, when they sell Iron supplements – over the counter. Well, they really couldn’t answer it. Except I know the prescription would cost more. And the brand name, over the counter version – would cost more than the store brand. Which. at the Jewel Osco pharmacy is Signature Care.

And when my mom was in a comma…making her transition…Guess what? They prescribed morphine, as a pain reliever. Which is over 100 years old. What happened to all the “superior”, brand name and generic…modern day pain relievers?

Sometimes you can blend allopathy, with Ayurveda, TCM or homeopathy.

Here are 2 examples.

  • Colgate has a mouth wash called Crest Pro Health. But the Dollar General store brand, is called 2X/Day. And it costs much less. And Pepsodent still makes a US based toothpaste, at a fraction of the name brands. I get this at the Dollar tree. But I mix this toothpaste, with an Ayurveda one. Either a Patanjali or Auromere one. Which is available at either Amazon or local Indian grocery stores. The Ayurveda is good for the gums. Which helps prevent gum disease.
  • Or suppose I get a cut. I wash it, apply rubbing alcohol and bandage it. But after the cut has sealed, I apply a homeopathic solution of Calendula Homeopathic ointment, to speed up the healing. It’s available at most US, health food stores.

For modern medicine to come along and say everything before it was useless…is like the Protestant churches to say God revealed the truth, in the reformation. And the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, are part of the dark ages.
And I don’t often get on a soap box. But I did today. :!:

And I will end with some health related, article links – a friend sent to me. And a good YouTube video, telling the story of homeopathy.

Regardless of what the Republicans come up with.