The Secret on Steroids – Feb. 3, 2008

So how do we evaluate the truth behind “The Secret”? The answer would have to be found in the disciplines of philosophy, theology, and science. So if a person claims to use the law of attraction, and some good thing comes their way, could we scientifically measure it? Well, we could take a statistical survey, of a representative sample, and see it people had successes. Or we would perform some psychological experiments.

How would we approach this by philosophy? The answer is it would fall under the category of metaphysics, as discussed at And we could incorporate the premise that “the law of attraction works”, as a premise of logic (see But the philosophical problem would be that not all philosophers could come to a consensus.

And what about theology? What theology should we address? Should we look at Jewish, Christian, or Islamic theology? And if we look at Christian theology, should it be Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or one of the different flavors of Protestant theology? Even if you take the topic of miracles in the modern era, theology is divided. Most Protestant theology says that miracles ended with the apostles. But Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Pentecostal theology would say otherwise.

What do you think?

Randy Kemp


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