Marketing Across the Universe – Feb 21, 2008

The theme of this blog is Marketing Across the Universe. Here is where we can use our imagination, and invent hypothetical marketing situations. Perhaps we can figure out ways to market the Spice from the Dune series, the ring from the Tolkien Ring series, higher technology in A Connecticut Yankee in King Author’s Courtroom, and whatever we encounter in A Hitchhiker’s Guide Across the Galaxy series. Perhaps even someone inventing popcorn, and attempting to market it to Shakespeare’s theater, or ice cream to Plato’s philosophical discussion group. You don’t need to be a marketing professional to join this group. I learned marketing when I ran my own solo IT consulting business, during the mainframe era. And since being downsized from Motorola, I have formed my own B2B Hi Tech copywriting business at, and write a periodic blog at /. This is also where we can “think outside the box.” So please join me in this adventure. Like in The Beverly Hillbillies, “You all come back now, you hear?”
Randy Kemp


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