A simple envelope secret – March 16, 2008

Let me share a simple envelope secret.  Now this is not an original idea.  The secret is that you don’t need original ideas in marketing.  Just find out from past, and present masters, what works – and what doesn’t.  Many advertising agencies believe that if you prepare a fancy envelope, and maybe put a teaser on the envelope, it will cause people to open it.  But I learned this secret from a contemporary marketing guru.   The way to get someone to open an envelope is have it look like a personal letter.  The return envelope just has an address, city, state, and zip.  It looks like it is written with an ink font.  And if you use a postal meter, apply 3 one-cent stamps across the cancellation.  Or if it is a 41-cent stamp postage rate, add two stamps that equal 41 cents.  Or you can make it look like an official letter.

Randy Kemp



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