What’s True About Famous Singers – March 20, 2008

What’s True About Famous Singers :

  1. Stevie Nix recently ate at a restaurant in Geneva, Illinois. She is rehearsing a PBS special with Kenny Chesney.
  2. Paul McCarthy did a duet with Brian Wilson, from the Beach Boys, at a private dinner party.
  3. I spent a good amount of time with a gourmet cook, who went to school with Mick Jaggard, of the Rolling Stones. He was the cook on several tours, conducted by the Rolling Stones. This person also toured as a cook, with other well-known groups and singers.
  4. A person I knew, who was an Elvis impersonator, called up the management of a concert auditorium. He asked to reserve some tickets for an old army buddy to see his concert. The person got the tickets free of charge.
  5. John Denver was wandering by himself, in a Chicago bookstore, when a friend of mine engaged him in private conversation.
  6. Mick Jaggard doesn’t drink or smoke, has a rigorous daily exercise routine, and is a vegetarian.
  7. Paul McCarthy likes his staff to smudge (burn sage) before he commences a concert.

Which of the above is true? Well, I really won’t say (even if I did know).

Randy Kemp



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