Which Pill Would You Choose – Red or Blue? – April 7, 2008

Have you seen the movie called The Matrix? Actually, it is a trilogy of three movies, with the first one posing a philosophical and theological question. In an artificially constructed world – the Matrix – the world we see and experience is seen through the blue pill. The “real” world is seen through the red pill. Now Morpheus (named after the Greek god of sleep/dreams) offers this choice to Neo. Instead of looking at pills, let’s focus on symbolic viewpoints. The blue pill represents seeing life through normal conventions, while the red pill is seeing “outside the box.” Let’s focus on blue/red pill symbolic viewpoints.

Scenario 1

Blue Pill Viewpoint: Only a person with five years experience will be able to do this job.

Red Pill Viewpoint: Has this viewpoint been “scientifically” validated? Can there be exceptions to this rule?

Scenario 2

Blue Pill Viewpoint: This disease is “incurable”.

Red Pill Viewpoint: Have you looked at alternatives? Perhaps experiencing the laying of hands at a Pentecostal meeting. Maybe you might work with a Christian Science practitioner through their method of prayer. Or you might seek prayer help from a saint in the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Church.

Scenario 3

Blue Pill Viewpoint: In this psychological experience, the psychology staff has determined there are only four ways for monkeys to solve this problem.

Red Pill Viewpoint: The monkey determined a five way (this is a true story).


How many red/blue scenarios can you formulate?

Randy Kemp



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