Turn The Page – April 15, 2008

I was thinking of Bob Seger‘s “Turn the Page” song, when I thought of doing this blog entry. But my mind drifted to a question. Can you name one of the most successful rock bands, in terms of marketing, even though the band no longer plays? Now this isn’t my observation, but is an observation from a marketing teacher. However, I have added a couple notes to this reflection. The answer is notthe Beatles, nor the Rolling Stones. The proper answer is the Grateful Dead, which generates about 60 million in income each year. This band only had one hit in the top forties, which is “A Touch of Grey”. But the Grateful Dead allowed fans to record concerts free, and even sell the tapes. Can you think of a better way to generate free publicity? And their concerts were always packed, wherever they played. Jerry Garcia even had his own brand of corporate neckties, which made a niche in the corporate world. Now which of these views do you have, regarding the Grateful Dead?

  1. They are a band that glorifies the drug culture?
  2. They are marketing geniuses?

Regardless of how you answer the question, think about this:

If they are generating 60 million plus in income, and are now a defunct band, then they must be doing something right.

Randy Kemp



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