BBC World Service – April 28, 2008

My all time favorite news service is the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). When I was a Peace Corps volunteer, in Liberia, West Africa, short-wave radio was the only true source of news. My main sources for news were the Voice of America (VOA), BBC, and Radio Moscow. Now I am not a communist or anything, but I liked to hear what Russia said, during the cold war.

The BBC was the middle ground between the VOA and Radio Moscow positions. What interested me in this newscast, was their coverage of countries and events, not covered by VOA or Radio Moscow. Many times, I would be sitting in the monsoons, playing chess, and listening to the BBC.

When I returned to the US, I found the BBC news on local PBS/college TV and radio stations. There is one story the BBC will never cover, and it was the story Radio Moscow once aired. They told of a two-man race, where Russia and the US, were the only contestants. The Russians lost, but the Radio Moscow announcer had this to say: “The Russians came in second, and the US came in next to last.”

Randy Kemp


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