The Art of Tea – May 1, 2008

While reading a Christian devotional by minister Larry Ollison this morning, I came across an interesting reflection. Larry is a Baptist minister, who embraces health and prosperity theology, and spiritual gifts. Here is what he had to say. “Recently, I was reading a nationally known magazine and I came across a very interesting article. A group of scientists and mathematicians stated that they could mathematically prove that an atom on this earth could also be light years away in another galaxy. They didn’t say that the atom on earth and the atom in the remote galaxy were identical, they said they were the exact same atom in two different places, light years apart, at the same time. In man’s natural mind, this seems impossible, although God’s Word speaks of it frequently.”

What has this got to do with “The Art of Tea”? Before we address this question, let me enlighten you on this. There is a ceremonial way of making tea, in Japan, called the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It is steeped a bit in Zen culture – which by the way – the Zen component is practiced by various Catholic and Protestant believers. More on this ceremony is found at So here is a philosophical question. If an extraterrestrial was doing the ET movie equivalent of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, in a galaxy as far away as that found in Star Wars, would the tea the earthling drank contain the same atom, as the tea the extraterrestrial was drinking? Well according to the scientists’ viewpoint, it is entirely possible. Quantum mechanics and string theory are more mind boggling than any science fiction works.

Well, let’s be a bit more practical. In my opinion, the only redeeming factor in the film “The Da Vinci Code” was the question regarding tea. Is it appropriate to put lemon or cream in Earl Gray tea? The correct answer, according to the movie, is lemon. Now there are other types of tea. In India, they drink a tea mixed with spices, called Chia. Here is a fact about Chia you may not know. Each Indian family has a different blend of spices, they use in making it. Maybe the oriental bug hits us, and we find ourselves drinking green tea, infused with Jasmine flowers. This blend, along with Chia, ranks as my favorite brews.

So I hope you liked this infusion of tea wisdom. Last night, I was listening to a phone presentation, by the legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman. Joe summed up by being philosophical, and added three points:

  1. Everything that happens is for a purpose.
  2. Never give up.
  3. There is much power in the pen.

All this reflection raises a practical question. Do Larry Ollison and Joe Sugarman enjoy a cup of tea?

Randy Kemp


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