Had Enough of Nothingness? – May 23, 2008

Had Enough of Nothingness is a phase I thought of. I’m just recording this in my blog, for purposes of having a record. Now nothing has many connotations. In philosophy, it reflects the classical existential work by Jean-Paul Sartre, entitled Being and Nothingness. It also covers the theory of nothingness, which is the connection between human thought, and the universe’s evolution. Today I went into a Barnes and Noble, and found a book entitled Zen and the Brain by James H. Austin. What is interesting about this author, is that he’s a neurologist, and practices Zen meditation. It is a thick book, and one I didn’t have time to browse. When I got back home, I went to www.amazon.com, and found many favorable reviews. Now all this started with a reflection on nothingness. What has this got to do with the rising price of gas?

Randy Kemp


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