Pictures of Magic Men – Part 2 – June 6, 2008

Michael and I know this man’s name, and I wouldn’t encourage anyone to meet him, if he is still alive. But I have been filled with too many stories of magic, and something in this man’s demeanor, was spooking the s### out of me. When I asked him about herbs or medicines, he showed us a couple of what appeared to be magic amulets.

We were all sitting under this palm tree, as he displayed the amulets. I’m not sure why, but a voice inside me whispered, to move. It must have been my imagination, and even if it were a voice, where was I to move to?

I sat and listened to this man, speaking nonsense on magic amulets, which I didn’t need to hear. All I knew was this fear, reeling up inside me. Now either this medicine man hypnotized Michael, or I was imagining everything. But just as I became complacent, a voice from inside me said, “move”.

Then I intuitively knew what the voice was saying. I moved to another palm tree, and sat down. A few seconds later, a coconut fell real fast, in the place where I was sitting. The medicine man seemed surprised that I moved, and Michael just appeared tired, like he was hypnotized, or something. But I knew the voice was from God. If I didn’t move, then one of two things would have happened. I would have been killed, because the coconut would have fallen on my head, at a considerable velocity. The second possibility was that I would be injured, and there was no way to summons medical help, in this remote village. But what caused the coconut to fall? Was it the laws of science, or was this magic man, influencing these things?

I don’t know where this came from, but it came from deep inside me. The next words from my mouth were “I believe in Christ.”

So was I imagining all this, as Michael didn’t seem to be affected, worried, or bothered? But this magic man starting speaking in a strange tongue, like you might see in a Pentecostal services. I mentioned that we should go, as it was getting dark. The magic man wanted us to stay, but Mike agreed, and we were on our way home.

To be continued…

Randy Kemp


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