Where Dreams Come True – June 14, 2008


                        Would you attend a church whose motto is: “where dreams come true?”  Would you attend a church whose name is “World Overcomers Church”?  Well, I had a chance to visit such a church, a couple days ago.  I was taking my mom over to Elgin, Illinois, to take a driving test.  The Elgin facility has some pleasant people, as they know how to work with older people.  While I am on that subject, if you are traveling in Illinois, make sure to visit some of the various state and federal recreational facilities.  These are better known as state and federal parks.  Rumor has it that Illinois hires cooks from the various gourmet-cooking schools, and brings them into their facilities.  I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I can attest to the good food.


            Where was I?  In Bartlett, Illinois, there’s a church called World Overcomers Church, and it’s on the same route as the Elgin driving facility.  Curiosity may kill the cat, or it may invoke the motto, “fools walk in where angels fear to tread”.  I pull up to this church to visit, and I notice all the doors are locked.  Am I entering a “cult” facility?  Will some guards with machine guns start coming my way?  I notice an intercom, and I have a dialogue, that goes like this:


            “Can I help you?” inquires the female intercom.

            “Can I have a brochure? “ I retorted.

            “Someone will be there shortly,” responds the female intercom.


Maybe I entered a time portal, and I’m secretly visiting the church, from the Jetson’s cartoon show. A male figure comes to the door, opens it, and hands me a brochure.  The man says, “All I need to know is in that brochure.”  He then shuts the door, and locks it behind him. 


            So “what is wrong with this picture”?  Well, for one thing, the brochure describes this as a Christian Pentecostal Church.  Forgive me for being a bit offended, but I live near Wheaton, Illinois, which has more per capital churches then any other US city.  And I have visited tons of churches, including Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Anglican, and various denominational/non-denominational varieties.  And I have also – out of curiosity – attended ones that are considered “new thought”, like Christian Science, Unity, and Religious Science.  None of the mainstream or non-mainstream churches usually have the doors locked during the day, and there usually is a person present, to greet visitors.  And it’s not that I am ignorant of theology, having gone to a Lutheran grade school, Advent Christian College, and was a Peace Corps volunteer at a Roman Catholic mission school.  Oh, yes – I almost forgot.  The gentleman that handed me the brochure was the minister, whom I later recognized from the church brochure.  To be fair here, maybe this minister had “a bad hair day.”  And maybe this is a great church.  And there is a church by the same name, with an .ORG and .NET web extension, instead of a .COM extension.  But my dreams didn’t come true that day!


Randy Kemp




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