Can a Christian brew metaphysical coffee? – June 17, 2008

Can a Christian brew metaphysical coffee?

Today I was reflecting upon the health and prosperity gospels of contemporary protestant ministers. Some of these ministers actually rank as favorites of mine, such as Larry Ollison and Joel Osteen. In essence, if Christ died to redeem mankind, he also redeems them from the curse of poverty and illness. Now there is also a category of churches, which I call metaphysical, which says that God’s world is perfect, and health and abundance are part of this world. We just need to be right in our thinking. Most notably among those churches are Unity, Christian Science, and Religious Science.

Everyone would agree that health and prosperity are good things, so can we utilize the best of what the health and prosperity gospel preachers claim, as well as what the metaphysical churches teach? Well, let’s see if we can brew some great metaphysical coffee, by blending together some different beans. There is a contemporary Christian woman living in California, by the name of Tiffany Snow. Tiffany was stuck by lighting, and was told in an NDE, that she had the gift of healing. Once she asked the question about roles of guardian angels, and was told “all of us were created in God’s image with the ability to physically manifest our intentions into being”. But if an intention is bad for us, a guardian angel will step in, and prevent it. Now she mentions that our intensions need to be specific and detailed, and we need to connect to God, and the holy angels.

How do we do this? First we really need a theological foundation for this. And this comes from St. Paul, where he speaks of everything being reconciled by Christ, and that God becomes “All in All”. So if God becomes all in all, then we must somehow practice seeing God everywhere. This comes from a little book, by a Catholic writer named Brother Lawrence, called “Practicing the Presence of God.”

“There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful, than that of a continual conversation with God. Those only can comprehend it who practice and experience it.” Brother Lawrence

Next we need to throw in some metaphysical coffee beans. If I were to read the original textbooks of metaphysical church founders, like Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, or Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, it becomes a bit like reading Aristotle in Latin – dry as dust! But let’s take a couple contemporary writers, like Joel Goldsmith, and Emmet Fox, and read and ponder what they say. Their books are in many libraries, and we need to just distinguish theology from vision. If we say all is good, and disease and lack don’t exist, then this is theology. But if I say I unify my vision with God’s omnipresence, and the saturation of his presence with holy angels, then disease and lack can’t appear, as long as I can sustain that vision.

Finally, we need a presence to help uplift that vision. Here we can borrow a bit from the Quaker community – a group I was part of for many years – and see Christ as the inner light, as we find in the gospel of John. The mission of Christ as inner light, which we contemplate in silence, is to lift up the vision of God’s perfect world – not only in the world to come – but in the here and now. We can’t sustain this vision on our own, but can, with the help of Christ as inner light.

Did we blend the perfect cup of metaphysical coffee? And if this coffee is what we should be drinking, then the question arises, “why aren’t we experiencing this?” Well, maybe we need to be like the scientist, and work on this as a hypothesis, and see what is blocking our viewpoint. Perhaps we will come to the reflection of William Blake: “If the doors of perception be cleansed, we would see things are they are. Infinite!”

Randy Kemp



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