Starting your own business – June 19, 2008

Starting your own business – June 19, 2008

The next couple of weeks, I am taking business training called “Core Four”, which is a comprehensive training program, geared to small business owners. I’m actually taking this at two different locations: one  the small business institute at Waubonsee Community College in Aurora, Illinois, and the other the Jewish Vocational Services in Chicago, Illinois.

As I sit in the JVS class, a few folks (who have an operational business running one to two years) surround me. Yet they are getting down to comprehensive basics, which should have been done a while back. If a person wants to start a small business, where should they go? Actually, if they’re close to a Latter Day Saints employment help center, there is a half-day course, in starting your own business. They are best know for their two-day career transition workshop, but the business program is very good. There is also a great, free online course at, and I can’t do enough, to endorse this website. People should get some free counseling, at the local score office, found off the website at

In Illinois, the small business development center functions through various universities, and other participating institutions. A list of local groups I work with, is found off my website, at There are various low-cost, and no cost, courses available. Someone is usually available to work on business plans.

It pays to keep in the loop with experts, in your field. In copywriting, I tap into two different groups of copywriters, who offer much free advice and counsel (of course, they will try to sell something, now and then). One I call the “good ole boys” network, which consists of 20-year veterans, in the inner circles of big marketing giants, which pull in several million in sales royalties each year. The other group I call the “trench diggers”, who actually work in the trenches, and show everyone how to do so. They don’t make the several million in royalties, but they usually have six figure incomes. And no – I won’t tell you whom they are – how to find them – or who’s good and who’s not. You need to discover that on your own.

And practicing the craft takes perfection. A couple good copywriters I know say to copy famous letters, and I do this every day, for about an hour. You get into the minds of copywriters, and see how they think. It’s akin to ancient monks copying scrolls by hand. How do you think they became so wise and knowledgeable? The other thing is to read and study the ancient masters. What is true 100 years ago, still applies today. There might be a few new rays of light, but it still has its origins in antiquity.

I hope I have shared some insights into starting a small business. And I hope I encouraged a few folks, to do this.

Randy Kemp



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  1. Randy you ask..”If a person wants to start a small business, where should they go?” They could have a conversation with a career coach who specializes in helping the self-employed. Coaching gets folks out of thinking mode and into action much sooner. Your readers will find some excellent articles that look at the inside game of small business creation at my htttp:// blog.

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