Who is Richer – Batman or Iron Man? – June 23, 2008

Who is Richer – Batman or Iron Man?

There are two movie blockbusters this summer, and they both involve billionaire superheroes, which have no powers. One is Tony Stark, alias Iron Man, and the other is Bruce Wayne, alias Batman. To be fair, both these superheroes live in rival comic publishing universes. Batman is the brainchild of DC Comics, while Iron Man is the tech wonder of Marvel comics. Bruce is a brilliant detective, a master of many fighting styles, and has a variety of weapons and gadgets, in his utility belt. Bruce also had his parents killed, as a young child. Tony is a brilliant inventor, the maker of a hi-tech armor suit, and he has a heart injury. So which of these two is richer?

Well, I posed this question recently on Linkedin. One answer pointed me to a fictitious Forbes article, which estimated the worth of Bruce Wayne at 6.8 billion, and that of Tony Stark at 3.0 billion. Now the article really doesn’t go into the criteria Forbes used, to conduct the analysis – which would be interesting, in and of itself. Another answer focused upon the meaning of richer, and mentioned Tony leads a richer (alias more fulfilling) life. This would really be true, based upon the movie worlds. But what about the comic book worlds? If you threw in that element, where Tony had a long battle with alcoholism, it would be a tossup.

In reality, if they both lived in the same universe, they would probably be good friends. Bruce would be highly likely to use his masterful detective skills, and figure out Tony’s identity. Tony would probably agree to build the Bat mobile, and other hi-tech gadgets Bruce uses, to use in Bruce’s crime fighting. Tony would avail himself of Bruce’s highly refined detective skills. Publicly they would be working together on join business ventures. Now I have an idea of mine own, which Bruce and Tony can get launched. Rather then use 100% of taxpayer money to fund NASA flights and research, why not have corporate sponsors, like McDonald’s, Coke, Microsoft, etc.? What would need to be done, on the corporate and government sides, for this to be implemented?

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