Pictures of Magic Men – Part 3 – July 2, 2008

I talked to Mike about this, after we covered a distance from the village, but he didn’t see anything unusual. I’m convinced the man put a spell on Mike, or hypnotized him, so he wouldn’t feel anything unusual. And doubts kept creeping in my mind that everything may have been a figment of my imagination.

We traveled to the oceanfront, on our way towards Harper. It was dark, and there were no boats in sight, to take us back to shore. I prayed silently to God, asking for a solution, as I didn’t want to spend the night on this island, with that spooky magic man. We noticed a single boat, with a boatman coming by. We both yelled, and were given a ride, to the other side. The boatman said he was checking on some fish, and we’re  in luck, as he was available, to take us back to Harper. When I offered to pay him his usual fee, he declined, and said it was a gift from Allah. In Africa, besides the African faith, there are also Islamic and Christian faiths. It looked like a coincidence, but I knew it was God, answering my prayer.

Somewhere there are genuine medicine men, which practice herbal medicine. I have met a few, in my friendships with Native Americans, and observing their religious ceremonies. I know there are genuine medicine men in Africa, from books I have read. But I also know from stories of the local Liberians – and my own personal experience – that there are magic men, who practice evil ways. There are books today, written by authors like Carlos Castaneda, talking about such magic men. But I thank both God and Christ, that I am alive, to share this story.

Randy Kemp


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