Moochananda Speaks on Marketing Spiritual Products – July 21, 2008

Randy Kemp is allowing me to speak today. My name is Swami Moochananda, and I will be talking about marketing spiritual products, over the next few blog entries. I just researched the ancient tonic Soma, and now I know the secret process. You take ordinary water, charge it with electricity in a certain way, and chant secret mantras over it. Now you have “instant enlightenment”, and it is available to everyone, at a modest fee. Of course, the effects only last a few hours. And I will eventually make this product available to the general public.

Before I begin, like me clarify what my name means. Ananda was the name of one of the Buddha’s students, and is also a word in Hindu philosophy. If we look at, it defines Ananda as “a state of bliss: in Hinduism, a state of bliss that is considered the highest state of being and results from a release from all sense of the body and its demands.” So now I am experiencing the benefits of my Soma tonic, and will speak to you about marketing spiritual products.

The website we will focus on is, and I will share with you what is right – and what can be done to improve – the marketing of this spiritual product. What the author is selling is courses to get you into a state of Ananda, and for a slight fee ($1500, for example), one can take these courses at a distance. Now why bother getting an MBA for Phoenix online, when you can get bliss – maybe at the same cost. And I don’t view Steven S. Sadleir as a competitor of mine, as my soma tonic, and his courses, can really compliment each other. So I will give some free advise to help his marketing. It’s difficult to gather his secular background, by looking through his website. But in a talk done in Sedona, and positioned on YouTube, it is apparent he was an investment banker, at some point. Well, more on this topic later. Please browse around his website, and I will just make one improvement suggestion for today. It would be nice to add a site map, so folks can navigate through all the sub links. Let me allow Randy to close now.

Randy Kemp



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