Senator Wayne Allard Got Lost in Wayne’s World

A Walk Through Wayne’s World

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, there is a phase that states,” neither a lender or a borrower be.” I like to rephrase it – “neither a Democrat nor a Republican be.” I guess that makes me an Independent. Today there is much less of a clear distinction between Republicans and Democrats, with most falling somewhere in the gray middle.

Fortunately there is a couple of fact checking websites at and We just passed a 700 billion dollar package, to rectify the mistakes of large corporation heads, only to neglect the common man. How you ask? Well, welcome to Wayne’s World. To help us explore Wayne’s World, we will use the tool, which makes short work of long URL links.

What is Wayne’s World?

Wayne’s World is a popular Saturday Night Live team, which went on to make a couple movies (…). You see, the House of Representatives passed a bill to extend unemployment benefits for another three months. A majority of Republicans and Democrats voted for this, with only about 26 Republican objections. But then it got to the Senate. There’s a wonderful website, talking about the unemployed, at I will quote from an article at

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made a last-minute motion on the Senate floor for ‘unanimous consent’ to adopt a Senate measure (S. 3507) to expand jobless benefits. It was defeated when Republican Senator Wayne Allard objected to the motion. As a result, the Senate left town for the elections recess without passing the extension.”

Wayne’s World today is the one found in Senator Wayne Allard’s mind. This means that it will be another month before the Senate considers this bill. It’s OK to spend 700 billion to bail out Wall Street, but not even consider a bill to deal with the unemployed. Where are out moral values? What was Senator Allard thinking? I believe it was a song. Our job is to guess the song.

My guess? It’s this song (

 Walk The Line

The good senator was probably thinking about Johnny Cash…particularly this line from

I just tweaked the last sentence. This is from the movie: “All right, let’s bring it home…If you was hit by a truck and you were lying out in that gutter dying…and you had time to sing one song, huh, one song…people would remember before you’re dirt…one song that would let God know what you felt about your time here on earth…one song that would sum you up…what song would you’d sing?”

If you want my answer, it’s this song ( Now a song was probably playing in the mind of Senator Allard – one that could reflect his values and judgment. What was his musical theme?

A Party Animal?

Perhaps he was thinking of parties’…caviar on a luxury yacht, sailing in the Mediterranean …an effervescent flow of sparking bubbly, touching his moist lips…caravans of dancing girls, mingling with the male guests, enticing as the sirens of ancient Greece…music from the latest bands, flowing into the early morning. And perhaps like Admiral James Stockdale, he begged the question on the Senate floor: “Who am I?  What am I doing here?” Yes, what is he doing in the Senate, when lobbyists may have a party waiting? Is this his song (Hit the play button, please! –…)?

An Egoist?

Perhaps the good senator was thinking about his accomplishments. How many CFOs and CEOs of Wall Street he rescued – if only temporarily – with the 700 billion dollar bail out. Perhaps he thought of a fine basket of trinkets, for the good state of Colorado. There’s a need for gold plated ski lifts, and glow-in-the-dark sparkle droppings, for the snowy slops. Maybe a life size statue of John Denver, holding his favorite guitar, singing, “Thank God I’m a Country Boy?” Is this his song (…)?

Marital Strategy

Perhaps he was thinking of marital life. How a good husband should ideally run the house. Probably go hunting in the forest…skiing in the mountains…or fishing with the good ole boys. A few six packs…swapping rounds of fish tales…dreaming of the big one that got away. Was this his song (…)?

The Think Tank?

Maybe he needed to meet with some intellectuals. These may have been university professors, hired by corporation heads. Perhaps they were also former Admirals and Generals, working on the board of directors, of big defense contracting companies. Keeping this ship afloat was his top priority. Was this his song (…)?

Let Them Eat Cake

Actually I don’t know what was going through Senator Allard’s mind, as he passed on the unemployment bill extension. Perhaps he was thinking of the phase, “Let Them Eat Cake.” Let me conclude with a quote from an historical analysis of this phase, at…:

“Finally I remembered the way out suggested by a great princess when told that the peasants had no bread: ‘Well, let them eat cake.'” In the meantime, the peasants sing this song (…).

Randy Kemp

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