New Year Bits and Tibits

VOIP Again

Have you seen the commercials for “Magic Jack”?  It shows a snake oil salesman, talking about the greatest product, since sliced bread.  It’s all about this little gizmo you plug into a computer USB port.  What they don’t tell you is that the software gets loaded, unto the guest computer.  If you don’t have administrator rights, you won’t get the software installed.  You’re better off checking out the top ten recommendations at….  If you want more information on how VOIP works, check out electronics.howstuffwo… and  You might enjoy browsing the website at  Currently I’m experimenting with Skype and Yahoo Messenger, which I really like.  Both can make land and mobile phone calls.

My How the Kids Have Grown

Yesterday I spent boxing day with a Greek female friend, I have know for many years.  We spent time talking about the two gifted children.  I remember them growing up, and how one got his PhD in mathematics.  But he was prompted for a career shift, and now specializes in mathematics centered on genetic modeling.  And this kid is now a grown up professor at Harvard University, spear heading research around the world.  How Time does fly!


I’ll inject a poem I wrote a while back, devoted to 911.

Dust Storm #911 by Randy Kemp ©

Dust in the wind,
This song I sing,
As we travel together,
Raining ash.

From dust we came,
To dust we go,
Falling quietly.

I drank coffee
Watched the monitor,
Behind in my work.

The boss said hello,
The secretary copied papers,
And the children called,
While Mrs. Brown whistled.

Two dark birds descended,
Their bitter embrace,
And fire laced kisses
Turned me to dust.

Now we are dust,
Floating in the wind,
At one with the building,
And each other,
As we scatter below.

Please tell my children,
That I loved them,
And the venom,
By your memory,
I will live on,
As the world remembers
The dust.

Randy Kemp


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