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Social Media

I know I’m not Charlie Brown, but I can identify with the character.  Wiki discusses social media at….  Social media, according to Wiki, “are primarily Internet– and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.”  In my last blog, I shared my successes in VIOP, using Skype and Yahoo Messenger.  I discussed social media – via Skype – with an Australian friend.  There was also an opportunity to join a conference call with Skype.  This all leads up to launching a radio program at in 2009.  VOIP just addressed my telephone costs, but I need to study the technical avenues surrounding  this radio initiative.  On a positive note, I have successfully launched two 15-minute pilot segments.

Getting Started in Copywriting

I’m including a Q and A from someone. I will blot out his last name and website, in order to protect his identify. Please add to this, if you have some pointers to help people:


Thank you for the holiday greeting. Speaking of “prosperity”…

I would like to move into the business of being a Freelance Copywriter. I’m an ex-Motorolan: Process, Device and Product Engineering. I’ve built a web site for the business: XXX. I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions on how to begin.


Yes, I can give you many suggestions.

1. First, I have a Linkedin group called “Copywriters International”, which I invite you to join.

2. Secondly, there is a Yahoo Group called “wellfed_writers”, which is geared to copywriting.

3. Become familiar with resources helping small businesses succeed – at little or no cost. For small business development in the US, consult:

C. The free Internet course at

4. Take some creative (non-fiction, poetry, fiction, short story, journalism, novel writing, screen writing, etc.) writing courses at local junior colleges (I.E. – Harper College or College of Dupage).

5. Study technical copywriting websites.

6 Get hold of books containing the great ads of yesterday, and practice copying them by hand, at least 30 minutes each day.

7. Look at taking some copywriting courses, such as  Subscribe to their newsletter – The Golden Thread.

8. Get on the mailing list of folks like Clayton Makepeace or Dan Kennedy.

This should help you get started.



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