Bats in the Belfry

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For renowned copywriters, it might be a large swipe file…for Nobel prize literature winners; it might be consuming large quantities of alcohol…Here’s what works for me…what works for you? We know there’s much work to do…editing and re-editing…getting buy-ins…but…

  • Sitting in silence each day.
  • Listening to inspiring music…classical…blues…bluegrass…African…Reggie…country…etc.
  • Even sipping a good cup of tea. What should it be today? Indian Chia? Earl Grey? South American Mate? African Honeybush? Jasmine green tea?

What inspires you?

Direct Response

Direct response resonates with me…as it’s always measurable – not creativity for creativity’s sake. And the innovation…psychological techniques and grabbers…riddles and twists to hook your subconscious…getting the viewer into a story, like they were actually living it…all leading up to taking a course of action, they believe they initiated. I’m hooked!

The Grateful Dead – back in the saddle again

After the death of Jerry Garcia, the band laid low.  For a few months, I hung around the members’ circle of direct marketer Ben Hart.  One observation he made regards this band.  He mentioned they have a great marketing arm, grossing approximately 60 million a year.  They also use some marketing savvy, like allowing concert goers to record everything free, and sell bootleg CDs.  Is there any better way to generate free publicity?  Now the band has regrouped, and starting a concert tour.  Keep you eyes peeled!

New Age – the search for the inner self

I want to take what New Age folks say, and ask them some questions. How did they come to believe what they believe?

  • It’s well known that ancient Indian philosophers, along with ancient Greek philosophers, sat down in philosophical reflection. They did come up with different conclusions (even within a sub-continent, such as India or Greece).
  • The ancient Shamans have often used some tea, such as Peyote or Ayahuasca, as the magazine Shaman’s Drum mentions ( It’s interesting that some academics with PhD degrees are exploring these ways.

So it’s one thing to have a fuzzy idea that being a spiritual being appears sound…it’s quite another to have some experiences, and try to interpret them (like the shaman)…or be immersed in philosophical reflection, and logically articulate it via philosophy (like Advaita might).


I’m enjoying Skype and Gizmo5.  Gizmo5 has potential, in that it’s working with Google Talk, to share voice communications.  Skype and Gizmo5 running on both computers.  Gizmo5 can make calls to folks on AIM, MSN, and Yahoo (in theory).  Magic Jack hit the road!

Randy Kemp


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