There’s No Looking Back

Let’s just move forward! Let’s only look back, for reflection on how to move forward.

Creative Solutions

I thought these were creative solutions, reflecting how creative minds work. The first is a YouTube video, on creatively inventing a stop sign. The second shows two interviews with an investment banker, on the current economic crisis. All videos are humorous, and are short in duration. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Creative…
  2. Creative Spending –…


A good friend from Australia is writing articles. He wants to give people options to subscribe, and the one I recommend is RSS. Since I’m helping him through the technical components, it met researching the nuts and bolts.  These work similar to web services, which I am very familiar with (both sending and receiving end). Someone shared an article with me, which is really informative. See I recommend the learning videos at

The Two Bushes and War

The two Bush presidents differed on how to start a war. The father got considerable buy-in, before going to battle. Both houses of Congress gave their stamp of approval. The United Nations gave their stamp of approval. The European Union gave their stamp of approval. Even the Roman Catholic Church considered it a “just war”. So we have to give the father two thumbs up.

Here’s a question I ask diehard George fans. Don’t you think containment was a better option? Less costly! Higher chance of success! We had the United Nations inspecting Iraq, and intelligence services monitoring him. We had the CIA encouraging 8-year battles between Iran and Iraq, and feeding information to both sides. And we had a mad dictator, who could keep all the warring factions in line. Just keep him contained, and within the boundaries of Iraq. If battle was needed, should he step out of line, just follow the lead of father Bush.

The Great Orator

Isn’t Barrack a great orator? It’s interesting that Internet/direct response marketer Ben Hart (I hung around his members circle) used to be a presidential speechwriter. But Barrack apparently wrote his own inauguration speech. About two decades ago, there was an Ayn Rand wantabee handing out free book copies in Chicago. I think the title has some variation of “the orator” in it. But you want to know my example of a great orator? It comes from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (see…). You can find a summary in Spark Note’s (see…). The summary (see…) mentions how Brutus kills Caesar, and they reluctantly allow Anthony to speak. Big mistake! Anthony sways the crowd, and they turn on Brutus and company. Can we compare the oratorical abilities of Barrack to those of Anthony?

Randy Kemp



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