Idiot? Dummy? Applicants’ welcome!

I’ve  Been Conned

How can I be conned by a computer nerd? No self-respecting computer scientist should allow this. Was I sleeping? I took all the needed precautions…open up all email by the web (email servers run virus protection)…run Avast home edition on my client machine.

But someone sent me a hack email…and it started downloading something. Avast caught it and severed the connection. But wait –

I’m asleep and click on some load message. ANTIVIRUS 360 – says my system is hosed. Everything under the sun is wrong! But Avast says noting is amiss. When I go to research “Antivirus 360” in Internet Explorer, it blocks access, “trying to protect me.”

Luckily I have other browsers installed. Firefox to the rescue…it’s Spyware. The ultimate purpose is to fool me…make me think everything is wrong…end up purchasing a solution.

Like their bogus software, or according to my Google research…find a commercial solution to remove it. Commercial vendors provide a FREE scan, but you need to buy software, to eliminate Antivirus 360.

What do I recommend?

  1. There’s an easy way, to remove this virus. Go to C:\Program Files\ Common Files\ System\ Uninstall and click Uninstall 360.
  2. I remembered the free Spybot Search and Destroy (also see Malwarebytes). It also can remove the intruder and even has a residential component. Now I run it in conjunction with Avast home edition.
  3. Always have other browsers besides IE (I.E. – Firefox and Google Chrome). Open them all before browsing, in case something corrupts one browser.

Remember Jeff Foxworthy?

He has a website at…. Jeff is a famous redneck comedian. When it comes to doing something stupid, he retorts, “here’s your sign.”

There’s a joke about a speaker, who asked for written questions from the audience. The speaker read one written question, which read “idiot.” The speaker thought for a moment before retorting, “Most people ask a question and forget to sign their name. This person signed their name, but forgot to ask a question.”

The Book Series

“Where’s this going?” you ask. It’s the popular series of books entitled the Dummies Series or Idiots Series. But we need subject matter experts writing them, for the uninformed. There might be such titles as:

  1. “How to Develop Charming Wit and Wisdom” by George Bush
  2. “How to Become a Liberal Groupie” by Rush Limbo
  3. “How to Find a Quality Spiritual Guru Without Really Trying” by Oprah Winfrey
  4. “How To Think of Other Topics Besides Sex” by Howard Stern
  5. “How Not To Do Anything Wrong” by Rod Blagojevich and O.J. Simpson
  6. “The Art of Virtue” by Paris Hilton
  7. “Insuring Safety of Peanut Products” by Jeff Katke
  8. “Developing Quality Relationships with the Opposite Sex” by Michael Jackson.
  9. “The Principals of Sound Investment” by Bernard Madoff and Allen Stanford

I forget if they’re actual working titles – but they do reflect potential topics.


In the Dummies and Idiots series of books, folks with expertise in an area, write books for lay readers. This means I can learn about wine, Islam, Christianity, philosophy, Math, or exotic topics (I.E. – Sex). But how do we know the book is any good, before we purchase it? Let me share a secret I use. Go to and read the book reviews. It gives insight into the overall book quality, expertise of the subject matter expert, and their ability to communicate concepts. Keep in mind that the author might have friends write reviews – just look at the overall reviewer perspective. Honestly! Many books are really good!

My Current Project

I recently signed up for the 30-day challenge at…. A good summary is found at…, under “Thirty Day Challenge Training”.

Randy Kemp



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  1. I’m ready for round 2. Let’s see now…Three Browsers: I.E., Firefox and Google Chrome…Resident protection with Avast and Spybot…backups for scanning with CC Cleaner and Malwarebytes…Software and Hardware firewalls…automatic updates activated…No more sleeping at the wheel!

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