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Slum Dog Millionaire comes out of Bollywood – not Hollywood Culture. Bollywood is really the world’s biggest movie industry. It’s huge, folks. In all Bollywood movies, you’ll find singing, dancing, and music. If you find a film missing these elements, it’s not Bollywood. Here’s a lesson in marketing. The film’s hero rises from India’s slums, to become a millionaire. Similarly, a move in a foreign dialogue – subtitles included – breaks into Hollywood culture, winning 8 Oscars. Included is an Oscar for best picture and director. Pay attention to the film’s marketing (…).

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Riches

Go over to, and check out The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches: How to Have Everything in the World You Really Want! (Revised Edition) by Joe Karbo and Richard G. Nixon. Now here’s a question. Joe started out as a slum dog, and became a millionaire. He makes a fortune in direct response, and is an excellent copywriter. Then he wrote this book and advertising this book for years in national publications. Does that make him a snake oil salesman? Not really. Joe believed in the philosophy that mind influences destiny. You find this in the Christian motivational speaker of Joel Osteen (except he substitutes faith), and I endorse his TV show. Now a third of Joe’s book mimics “The Secret” series. What makes this book great is Joe’s life in direct response. I endorse and give it two thumbs up. Joe has pasted on. His belief in “mumbo jumbo” doesn’t make him a snake oil salesman. Why? Because he believed in what he wrote about.

The Real Snake Oil Salesmen

Real good examples of Snake Oil Salesmen, who become very rich, are some TV Pentecostal ministers. You know the ones. They come from countries like Israel, and do instant healings. They offer miracle well water, miracle manna, and golden keys. They touch people, who throw away crutches, and start dancing. Now some will criticize me for criticizing them. I know a bit more about this stuff, because I encountered the real thing. There’s a former Roman Catholic priest, along with a current Roman Catholic priest, in the Chicago area. Not all people are healed. Some are healed completely, some partially, and some not at all. But these individuals don’t advertise. If you encounter the real thing, the phonies won’t fool you.

Internet Marketing

Are you into Internet Marketing? Let me give you three free tips, which will greatly aid you. If you plan on starting a small business, I recommend the following (WARNING: This requires some time and effort on your part – but it’s well worth it):

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Be careful!  Look what happened to this guy at Isn’t it interesting that the company he writes about – 80/20 Marketing – actually borrows their name from the Pareto Principle (see….)  Not everyone who claims to be a millionaire, and is selling a book of secrets or a system, is a slum dog millionaire. Many might just be snake oil salesmen.  Only REAL people “Swing on a star” – it’s DESTINY.

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  1. What usually sells Interent products? A great example…long copy …compelling graphics…excellent healing…
    Randy Kemp

  2. Let me respond to classified advertising’s quote: It sounds like a Chinese saying. Let me reply with a couple famous quotes:

    “Bite us once, shame on the dog; bite us repeatedly, shame on us for allowing it.”

    “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

  3. Classified Advertising’s website is The only different is that they gave a “no Follow” addition to the HTML – I’ll bet they thought I didn’t notice that.

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