Movie Magic, Snake Oil, and Recession Reality

Movies Basics

Let’s start with a basic question, observed by the TV news.  Why do movie attendance go up, when the economy goes down?  Before answering that question, let’s explore a basic element of statistics.  Just because two variables are related doesn’t mean one causes the other.  Instead of a cause and effect relationship, there could just be a relationship of correlation.  Some other variable or variable could be triggering the change, in the two observed variables.

How do movie theaters make money?  The same way a gas station does.  The profit margin on a movie ticket, as well as gasoline, is minimal.  But the profit margin on a convenience store (gas station), or a movie concession stand, is extravagant.  How much does popcorn and soda sell for?  How many people do you observe buying these items?  How much are these items at Wal-Mart?  Now you see where the money is made?

A little fun

Before we address the question why movie attendance is up, in a down economy, let’s have a bit of fun.  Please watch this You-Tube video first.  It’s Sha Na Na singing “Saturday Night at the Movies.

Why People Attend Movies

The answer came from a College of DuPage professor, during a screen-writing course.  I reflected upon that answer, while pursuing a master’s degree in psychology at Norwich University.  The C.O.D. professor mentioned that folks attend movies as a cheap form of therapy.  Well is it?  Probably!

Winding Up With Internet Marketing Tips

Someone asked about a copywriting system by Clayton Makepeace.  Could the system take a beginner to the master level, or is it just snake oil?  Here’s my response.

I’m on the mailing list for Clayton Makepeace and Dan Kennedy, and they both sell stuff, from time to time. Clayton and Dan both offer guarantees on products they sell, and I haven’t heard of a case, where they don’t honor their guarantees. So you should have time to test-drive it.

Folks like Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, etc., are 7-figure copywriters and marketers, and if you can buy what they sell, it’s good to do so. No one person is going to magically place you at their level. Clayton spent several years as a six-figure copywriter, before making the big time, through a lucky break.

The key to purchasing their systems is the guarantee. If it’s not for you, simply return it. I would be highly surprised if they didn’t honor it. What you will discover is much common ground, among the big names, and emphasize on the great masters of antiquity in direct response.

If you just want to learn about copywriting, and you’re a beginner, I suggest skipping the courses for now. Purchase some books at from folks like Bob Bly,  Dan Kennedy, Marcia Yudkin, Joseph Sugarman,  and Peter Bowerman. Pay particular attention to the overall book rating and user reviews on Amazon. See if you can get the books first through your local library, or their inter-library loan system.

Randy Kemp


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