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Let’s start with an email exert from minister Larry Ollison

“I know what it’s like to be determined. Loretta and I lived in Kansas City right after we got married and I needed a job badly. I went to a drafting company and the only opening they had was for an engineering assistant. This position was to help design reinforcing steel for part of Interstate 70 and five public schools. When they asked me if I could do it, I said, ‘Yes, I can do it.’ They gave me drafting equipment and my own desk between two civil engineers.”

“I mean it was cool! But I didn’t even know general math. I immediately enrolled in night school where I learned trigonometry and log rhythm scales. I had the books piled up and every time I needed to know something, I would hit the books. I was staying just an inch ahead of it all. Then the boss came to me one day and said, ’you’re one of the best draftsmen we’ve ever had here. Your drawings are so precise.’ What they didn’t know was I’d already done that drawing twenty-two times while practicing at home, but I was determined to do it right.”

I need content management – let’s talk Geekese

Content management is the big buzzword.  Which is better: Joomla or Drupal?  There are some side-by-side comparisons at….  In case you are wondering, both systems are written in PHP, which is a web-based scripting language. Let me guide you to some comparisons of PHP Open Source, content management systems.  I’ll just make a note that WordPress is #3 ( in one comparison).


I want to write copy – which course should I take?

    1. Before taking a course, buy some books from Boy Bly, Peter Bowerman, Joseph Sugarman, and Dan Kennedy.


    1. Sometimes association guides us. When Chris Marlowe stopped by a copywriter forum I run to chat, at first I didn’t know her – yet the name rang a bell. But some things surfaced.  Chris has two students named Pete Savage and Ed Gandia.  Pete and Ed have e-zines I subscribe to, while Steve Slaunwhite (whose B2B course I took) gives a testimonial for her.  I would pick Steve first (personal preference).


    1. Brian Keith Voiles is the nicest copywriter you would ever meet.  He referred me to Make Total Package, which is run by Clayton Makepeace.  John Carlson is another person like Clayton, but John hung around folks like Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert.


    1. While not exactly copywriting, I endorse the Internet Marketing, 30-day challenge (…). The course work is free and very worthwhile. A good summary is found at…, under “Thirty Day Challenge Training”.


    1. One marketer I simply call Ben has a great members site. Yet you can test-drive it for 7-days for $1 and cancel at any time. Ben – by contrast – became a millionaire by being a master copywriter and marketer, and generated millions in sales, through his marketing effort. He transitioned to the web though his own efforts, after 20 years in snail-mail, direct marketing.


    1. AWAI has some courses I would label “blotted”. Let’s look at AWAI courses by Michael Masterson. Now don’t get me wrong regarding Michael. He’s an excellent copywriter and entrepreneur. Anyone who can become a millionaire from building start-ups is doing something right! But in his courses, he spends too much time building up the hype, before delivering the goods. His books are well worth reading.


    1. The person I really like is Frank Kern from California. He has long blond hair and sunglasses, yet makes some interesting videos. He has a way of getting big names (like Clayton Makepeace) to affiliate with him, for a percentage of the take. Not that I brought anything from him, yet I find his videos entertaining. While NOT a Kern video, it reminds me of his style.


Here’s how you can picture this.  If you were navigating a ship, you’ll learn by doing.  If you have some maps, created by former ship captains, you will have a smoother transition. You must ultimate decide what’s the best dollar value, at your particular journey in time. Just watch for the mad goose!



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