IM Mayhem and Client Pet Peeves

An Internet Marketer’s Work is Never Done

I never met him and receive no money. Yet for $10 you learn Joomla CM at explore free videos. I have been busy doing many behind the scenes – Internet Marketing stuff. Stuff like writing copy, working with Content Management (Joomla and WordPress), research, study, etc. If you become the chief cook and bottle washer – you learn a lot.

Revising Copy

How about this surrounding revision? Working with a committee of reviewers, who believe they have better writing options than the copywriter, and the client committee members disagree among themselves, as to the best options? I don’t know if I expressed that elegantly.

In case you think it’s just my discovery, let me share an exert, from a recent article by Bob Bly:  “To a degree, he’s right. H.G. Wells once observed’there is no greater human urge than the desire to rewrite someone else’s copy. And certainly, if you’ve been in this business for any length of time, you know that the most tedious portion of any promotional campaign is routing the copy around, making changes, generating revisions, and getting approvals.” And that raises a question: Namely, if the standards of professionalism in our industry have risen dramatically over the last several decades, as many experts claim, then why is there still so much revising and rewriting of copy by clients?”

English Language and Various Countries

It’s interesting, in that I worked with India, Uruguay, and China, when in the software business. You have communication, cultural, time zone and even language issues to deal with (even if they speak English). That’s in addition to the different holidays celebrated in these countries. As an example of language differences, let me illustrate:

  1. In England, if one says, “I don’t appreciate that” – it really means one doesn’t understand it.
  2. If one works in a store in Australia, and asks a customer on a phone to “call-in”, they really mean to pay a personal visit to the store.  Imagine a person from Australia handled US customer call-ins?
  3. This comes from a former professor, who lived in China for many years. If you use the idiom “Joe kicked the bucket” (which originally came from hanging people, during the wild west), they have no idea what you mean.

Does the client wish to outsource to a foreign country?  If it’s an established client, I’ll offer them a hundred bucks towards implementing that idea. After the first project is completed, they’ll discover it’s not worth the time and effort, and even pay you more to help them again. If you need to talk, and the time zone difference is 13 hours, which side stays up late at night for the call?

Randy Kemp


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