Internet Marketing – Ready, Fire, Aim

Michael Masterson is a masterful entrepreneur, marketer and copywriter. One of his books is entitled “Ready, Fire, Aim“. Please examine this title carefully! He’s saying that you “fire” before you “aim”. But the best course is to “aim” before you “fire”.

Writing Copy

Let’s look at copywriting, and plug in the “aim” before “fire”. I have taken many writing courses at the College of DuPage – writing novels, screenplays, short stories, essays, etc.- over the years. Yet this doesn’t teach you to write copy. The best aim experience is to copy great ads by longhand. This technique I have learned from notables like Michael Masterson, Johny Carlson, Maria Veloso, and Brian Keith Voiles.  The best part of my AWAI and Ben Hart training was the collection of sales letters they included.

Working with Clients

The other problem new copywriters might experience is working with clients.  But prior client experience would be invaluable.  For example, in my case, I used to work with clients running my own consulting firm form 13 years.  In addition,  being a  Motorola employee taught me much about working with clients, wearing the hats of business analyst, project manager, and Six Sigma Black belt. Many folks jump into freelance writing – yet they have no clue regarding working with clients.

Internet Marketing

Now let’s look at Internet Marketing. There are folks offering “systems” to make money, via the Internet. Can they all be right?

Not really! Here’s what I “personally” recommend to learn Internet Marketing.

If you plan on starting a small business, I recommend the following (WARNING: This requires some time and effort on your part – but it’s well worth it):

  1. Signing up for the free, 30-day challenge at…. A good summary is found at…, under “Thirty Day Challenge Training”.

  2. Taking the free “My Own Business” course at

  3. Sign up for, and follow the daily articles.

Then map out a business plan. If you are in the US, get help from the following resources:

  1. Small Business Development Center Network –

  2. S.C.O.R.E. –

Randy Kemp




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