SEO Fast Track Review

SEO Fast Track

I’ve downloaded the SEO Fast Start, 2009 Edition at….  It’s a free SEO report, which the author could easily sell for $100.  Yet to get the full benefit, it’s important to look at SEO, from different perspectives.  You can get some different free perspectives.

  1. One was covered by Inbound Marketing University at, which had a couple of excellent SEO videos.
  2. The other is from the 2009 edition of the thirty-day challenge.    You can sign up for the free, 30-day challenge at….  A good summary is found at…, under “Thirty Day Challenge Training”.

Let’s get started

A good way to get started is by a chapter listing, of this 100-page e-book:

  1. Chapter 1 – Introduction – Getting Started
  2. Chapter 2 – How Search Engines Work
  3. Chapter 3 – Developing Keyword Strategy (Step 1)
  4. Chapter 4 – Optimizing Site Structure (Step 2)
  5. Chapter 5 – Optimizing Web Pages (Step 3)
  6. Chapter 6 – Link Building and Promotion (Step 4)
  7. Chapter 7 – Measuring Your Results (Step 5)
  8. Chapter 8 – Refining Strategy and Tactics (Step 6)

If you read these chapters, you can then review the SEO inbound marketing university tutorials:

  1. SEO Crash Course to Get Found
  2. Advanced SEO Tactics: On Beyond Keyword Research

How Good Is The Book?

When I was taking the Inbound Marketing, SEO courses, there was an interesting observation regarding SEO.  One SEO expert mentioned it was hard to learn, while the second SEO expert said it’s easy to learn.  The seminar presenter then commented on the different professional opinions.  It depends on what aspect of SEO you’re talking about.  Basic SEO information is simple.  More advanced concepts are difficult.

So how should we rate this book, in regards to the SEO spectrum?

If I look at the writing style, it’s very simple – very easy to read.  Yet the author does cover deep concepts, which might seem difficult on first reading.  I read the first version in early 2008, which I thought SEO stood for “Seek Expert Opinions”.   There was some difficulty plowing through it.  Now after I had training from places like Inbound Marketing University, 30-Day Challenge, etc., the 2009 edition is refreshingly “uncomplicated.”

I remember when studying for Motorola’s Six-Sigma Black Belt, I used to read tons of academic tutorials on statistical concepts (I.E. – regression analysis, factorial analysis, etc.), in order to see various topic perspectives.  This way, I was able to approach the same subject, from various angles – in addition to the Motorola text presentations.  Now the same holds true of subjects like SEO.  This is a great book, but it’s like looking at a three-dimensional building – except that you see various two dimensional pictures.

Guess what?

Something as simple doing the SEO cartoon quiz at…, can teach you about SEO.

Final Grade?

So what is the final grade?  I have to give the author an A, for a few reasons.

  1. First the e-book is easy to read and understand.
  2. The author covers advanced topics in a very straightforward manner.
  3. The author is doing a service by giving the book away.

If you’re live in the US and Canada, it’s a nice holiday weekend – don’t forget the SEO.

Randy Kemp



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  1. WowI hadn’t yet to think about the apparently simple ways Google worked in. The issue is that a spider indexes your page abundant times, it still takes a metric tonne of due effort on your part in order to get a page to become interesting to Google. This lends to my understanding of SEO.

  2. InterestingI had never thought the evidently simple ways Google worked in. The thing is that Google indexes your page multiple times, it still takes a metric tonne of due work on your part in order to get your page to become “relevent” to Google. I guess this will add to my understanding of Google.

  3. This is acceptable in terms of search engine optimization. Nada looks to irritate against it compared to that!Funnily enough, this is exactly was worried about ten years prior at the internet about search engine optimization in 1994.

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