Shiver My Twitters

According to Wiki at en.wikipedia.or…, “Shiver my timbers (usually pronounced shiver me timbers) is an exclamation in the form of a mock oath usually attributed to the speech of pirates in works of fiction. It is employed as a literary device by authors to express shock, surprise or annoyance.”  Instead of Pirates, we have Twitter Bees, taking the mock oath to Twitter.

Have you ever been twittered?  Well, I have!

Peter Pan had Neverland.  Michael Jackson had the Neverland Ranch.  Europe has Nederland.  I have Twitterland.  Have you ever been twittered?  Jimmy Hendrix, the famous musician, once asked, “Have you ever been experienced?”  Twitter allows you to send and receive 140 text messages.  Sounds interesting, you say?  But what do you do with it?

Twitter attracts all types.  Some will share stuff on marketing, some on technology, some on Internet marketing, and many on various miscellaneous topics: jokes, famous quotes, etc. – you name it – it’s there.

What Do You Share?

I read a considerable number of blogs, along with subscribing to an equally large number of e-zines.  Much of what they share and I pass along on Twitter falls in the category of lead nurturing.  This could be a video, audio, PDF, podcast, etc., covering some aspect of marketing, affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, technology, or just plain fun and entertainment.  I learn something for free, as do my twitter followers, who have the chance to indulge.  Ultimately the marketers offering these freebees have ulterior motives – I know that – my twitter followers know that.  The ultimate goal of lead nurturing is to sell something.  But the philosophy of social media is that you sell something by being helpful, and giving away plenty of valuable content and information.  In addition, I throw in stuff that I find interesting, like quotes, music, etc.

Whom do You Follow?

I read a post by a fellow professional blogger.  He mentions looking at two things:

  1. Is there a balanced ration between following and followers?
  2. Does the twitter ID offer a website – preferable a blog?

This doesn’t limit my choices but provide a couple general guidelines.

Web Shorting URL services

Since you are limited to 140 characters, if you’re sharing URL, be prepared to shorten them.  I’m listening some that I use:


Keyword Mystery

Here’s something I haven’t figured out yet.  Sometimes I share a tweet about some topic like “White Papers” or “Star Trek”.  The next day I notice someone following me, who’s connected with that particular keyword (I.E. – white paper or Star Trek).  How do they do that?  Perhaps I need to do some Google research into this.

How Are You Discovered?

I haven’t figured this out yet, but I have a steady growth of followers each day.  Do other people pass on things I say?  Do these people search on keywords?  Don’t know!

To Tweet or Re-Tweet

Here is the 64-dollar question.  If I read a blog entry and send a tweet about it, am I tweeting or re-tweeting?  If someone reads it and sends a tweet out before me – guess what?  I’m technically re-tweeting. I’ll include my twitter ID in conclusion, in case you wish to follow me.

How about sharing content – like replays – with no initial opt-in?

This is a very good question.  There was a webinar presentation by someone from Inbound Marketing University.  Normally companies give away white papers, in exchange for email opt-in.  One company decided to give away a white paper, without an email opt-in.  The paper – mind you – was of exceptional high quality.  What happened was the paper was so popular, it spread like wildfire.  A tenfold audience paper reading occurred, as compared to a simple email opt-in.  The rock band the Grateful Dead used a similar strategy, when they allowed users to make concern recordings free.  Free publicity!  Works like magic!

Randy Kemp



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