It’s Marketing Opposite Day

Marketing Opposite Day?

What’s opposite day?  What’s up doc?  The second question we know.  It’s from the cartoon character Elmer Fudd, whenever he encounters Bugs Bunny.  Or is it the other way around?  Opposite day was invented by Squidworth, who is pestered by Spongebob Squarepants.  In order to make him behave, he declares a holiday called Opposite Day.  Everyone’s supposed to behave the opposite of their normal behavioral patterns.  If Spongebob is a pest, he would behave like Squidworth on opposite day.

Reverse Soda Fountain

It costs a fraction to put soda syrup into carbonated water.  Someone once told me it was 5 cents for syrup, on soda selling for 1 dollar.  In these times of economic uncertainty, I sometimes have lunch at fast food places.  If you go to a Taco Bell, the soda fountain’s in the dining area.  If I buy a small Mountain Dew, I can refill my cup 3 times.  In fact, I can refill it 20 times.  Recently I went to Popeye’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King.  I can’t say if it’s true for all chains, yet these examples had the soda fountain behind the counter.  “What’s up with that?”  Jerry Seinfeld used to ask that.  I’m asking this also.

How cheap is Cheap?

Isn’t this marketing opposite day – something to make Spongebob proud?  This week I went to Culver’s and Arby’s, where I can fill up my glass as often as possible.  What marketing message do fast food places communicate, when the soda machines are behind the counter?

  1. We care?
  2. You may spill your drink?
  3. We’re cheap?
  4. We’re guarding the soda machine, so you don’t steal it?
  5. It’s Spongebob opposite day?

If you want great customer service, along with some excellent free marketing – pay attention.  PUT THE SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE DINING AREA!  How much does it cost to do that?  Is soda syrup really that expensive?  It must be marketing opposite day, at some of these fast food chains.

Not doing the guru shuffle?

This week I watched this entertaining video.  In it, network marketer Diane Hochman shared the guru shuffle.  Watch it right here at….   Notice she talks about going from one marketing guru to another.  But she brings up a great point.  There’s something called green truth.  It doesn’t change much over time.  When you take the 30-Day Challenge, or sign up for Inbound Marketing University courses, it’s green truth.  Reminds me of computer software – it changes all the time (I.E. – Uncle Bill with his operating system variations) .  But things like copywriting and Six Sigma are more static – it only changes when academic theories migrate to the business world.  But here’s the thing:  evaluating what gurus teach is much easier, after training like 30-day Challenge and I.M.U.

  1. The free, 30-day challenge at…. A good summary is found at…, under “Thirty Day Challenge Training”.
  2. Study at Inbound Marketing University at inboundmarketing….

If it’s marketing opposite day, you pay XXX for training from the latest guru.  Never mind if you haven’t had green training.  Don’t learn foundation truths first – it’s marketing opposite day.

Ghostwriting Book Seminar

This week a professional ghostwriter friend gave a great presentation. She was a ghostwriter of books back when there were only 40 or so people in this profession.  You can find this free book ghostwriting seminar replay at….

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