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Don’t worry about where you are in Social Media, technology, etc. I was having a discussion with a friend from Australia, whom I regularly converse with – exchanging Intel on social media, technology, etc. He commented on the progress I have made the past two years. I responded I’m like the turtle in the Turtle and Hare fairy tale (see en.wikipedia.org/…). I might not be as fast as some, but I make slow (but steady) progress – yet you won’t find me napping. Eventually the turtle makes it to the finish line (like the Comcast turtles).

Last week I also listened to a Webinar on Social Media. This person was a female who spoke English with a Russian accent, and told her story. She used to be a software guru and made the transition to social media expert (whatever an expert or specialist is – something I have been attempting to figure out via blogging, the past 2 weeks) and entrepreneur. Then I watched a video about someone who lived in Haiti and became an Internet marketer. Wow! I can relate to their journeys. Long live the turtles!

This is a cool 90-minute Twitter seminar replay.  I like it, since the two conversational speakers don’t pitch anything, until the last 5 minutes.


Net Flicks Adapts Turtle Marketing

I never thought I would happen.  You see, I belonged to this movie club called Net Flicks.  For only five bucks a month, they mail you two movie releases.  Sounds like a plan!  The drawback came a few months down the road.  If I wanted to order a ‘popular’ movie, it said things like:

  1. Long Wait
  2. Very long way
  3. Very, very long wait
  4. Very, very, very long wait.
  5. Not available until hell freezes over.
  6. Available when the Cubs win the World’s Series.

It’s possible I might have gotten these wait categories wrong.  If four and five are valid wait categories, then they are identical. If you call Net Flicks and ask why, they mumble something about a limited number of available movies per customer demographics.  Excuse me?  Why do I need your movie plan anyway?  Let me explore alternatives – like those Red Box and DVD Play vendor machines.  Turtle marketing’s not for me – in spite of what the Comcast turtles say.  What are their last names anyway?

Red Box and DVD Play

I’m having better luck with these two services.  DVD Play is located within the Dominick’s food store chains.  Red Box is located at Jewel Food Services, Wal-Mart, and Myers.  For $1, you can rent a movie for overnight.  The only problem with DVD play is when a machine breaks.  It happened to me once.  Nobody in Dominick’s knew what to do, except advise customers to visit another Dominick’s store.  Great advise – except the nearest one is 5 miles away.  With Red Box, I can take a movie rented at Jewel to Wal-Mart or Myers.  My current plan is to utilize Red Box first, followed by DVD Play – I don’t have time for Net Flicks turtle marketing.

Free Twitter Tools

How about some free Twitter tools?  Check them out!

Google Analytics data in Excel

This is a real gem, if you use Google Analytics.  Check it out!  It’s both open source and free.


Randy Kemp

Turtles talking about movie wait time
Turtles talking about movie wait time



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