Help Me Readers: Is This Company Real?

Smart Home Systems is the company name. I got an email offering an interesting position. Let me give you some specifics.

Position Information:

  1. Location: for United States residents only; no relocation required
  2. Salary/Wage: we have a salary range of USD 32,000 to USD 55,000/plus per year
  3. Job Status: Full Time/Part Time/Temporary/Contract
  4. Job Category: Customer Service

What We Offer:

  1. Supportive working environment in a dynamic, successful company
  2. Freedom to be creative, and the satisfaction of personal responsibility
  3. Strategic employee career development
  4. Individual continuing education and training opportunities
  5. Performance-based salary structures

Home Base:
Based upon the above information, I responded that I might be interested. They sent back an application form, with the following information header:

Dufourstrasse 29
8001 Zurich
Phone: +41 (44) 58 62 353
Fax: +41 (44) 73 26 957

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Let’s first go to the website and see what it says. It says, “It’s under construction.” Next I did a Who Is inquiry at networksolution…, and I find these results:

  1. The domain contact and address is private.
  2. The company identified as the Current Registrar is COMMUNIGAL COMMUNICATIONS LTD of CHINA-SHANGHAI.

Now I’m totally confused. If the company has a headquarters in Switzerland, how come the US website is registered to a Chinese company, with a different name?  How come all the address information is confidential?

But the mystery doesn’t end there. I did have a US number and I contacted a female, who spoke with a foreign accent. She said the company had a US office in New York. However – the company name for China, Switzerland and the US, are totally different.

I performed a search on the Better Business Bureau, for the US site. This is what I discovered at…. The company has no ratings and had 4 complaints against them, which have been closed. The company is not rated by the BBB.

Finally, I decided to contact the Swiss consulate regarding the offer. You see, they don’t ask for anything on the employment form, except for 3 references. Excuse me? Isn’t employment a more comprehensive process on both sides? I did get the English-speaking business section, of the Swiss consulate in Chicago. Then I forwarded the email and application to them. I need to follow up and see if they discovered anything.

What do you make of this mystery, dear readers?

Should I consult Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chan, Adrian Monk, or Detective Columbo? Is this a ploy for a foreign government to kidnap me? Is this some prelude to an alien invasion? If you have any Intel on this company, please share it with me.



P.S.  Here is the 1 hour video presentation on “Twitter for Small Business at twitterforsmall….  This is similar to the audio presentation from the last blog.  Please note they only pitch stuff the last 10 minutes.



2 thoughts on “Help Me Readers: Is This Company Real?

  1. I’d go with Poirot. No, no, wait, I’d go with Holmes.

    Sounds like a scam to me. Just be careful.

    1. Easton:

      Here’s the reply I received from the Swiss consulate:

      “Thank you for your inquiry. As you probably found out by checking out Smart Home Sys. on Google, the company is highly suspicious. I also checked the Swiss Commercial Registry, where the company cannot be found. I strongly suspect this is a scam and would encourage you not to give out any personal information due to the possibility of identity theft.”


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