Drowning In The Marketing Garbage Blender

Keep On Kicking

Before we start, let’s share a frog story.  Two frogs were stuck in a bucket of milk.  Both started swimming in opposite directions.  Let’s call them George and Lennie, who lived in our current financial crisis.

“I shall drown,” Lennie cried, “and so will you.”

George replied, “I can’t get out, I admit.  But I can’t give up! I rather die trying then give up and drown.”

Lennie eventually gave up and kicked the bucket (no pun intended).  But George kept going!  Eventually the milk became butter and the frog jumped to freedom.  “You done a bad thing Lennie,” George shouted into the bucket.

Social Media Video Replay

We will tie the flog story in later.  But first, let me share a cool video replay this week: “How to Use SEO, Blogs, and Social Media to Get Found Online” http://is.gd/39eIj.  In case you missed the cool Twitter video (they only pitch the last 10 minutes or so), you can watch it at blog.blisspr.co….

Garbage, Garbage – Everywhere You Look – Garbage

Here’s the thing.  I have a few different email accounts: Yahoo, MSN, Gmail, Gawab, Mail2World, AOL, etc.  Each serves a different purpose, with MSN devoted to junk email.

Why collect junk mail?  It teaches you about Internet and Email marketing.  You will see anything from dirty copper to polished silver.  In a recent blog, renowned copywriter and marketer Michael Fortin (during a guest Clayton Makepeace post), said most of Internet marketing copy’s junk.  Why?  The authors fail to understand the stepping-stones to basic selling.

Is he right?  Try subscribing to several lists.  You win a bunch of e-books, videos, and audio recordings, during the opt-in process.  To answer Michael’s observation, ask a few questions.

  1. What email headings cause you to open them up?
  2. What vendors always try to sell something and which provide you with useful info?
  3. What email content puts you to sleep and what has you standing on edge – wanting more?

Remember the A-Team TV series?  It’s about the 4 ex-special forces members, who help the common folks get justice.  There are also A-Team Internet marketers.

Take Daniel Levis, for example.  He’s a regular contributor to the Clayton Makepeace ezine and has a company called Selling To Human Nature.  His email stuff is first class.

Or let’s take a couple folks, who live in my neck of the works – that’s the Chicago suburbs.  Study the approaches of Perry Marshall and Ben Hart.  Both are masters’ first class.

Some folks don’t make the A-Team, but they are excellent B-team members.  One that comes to mind is Matt LaClear (I.E.  Not Superman, but definitely super).  I didn’t know much about him, even though I was on his email list for months.  Pretty good stuff, mind you.  Then he sent me some free ebooks on marketing (I.E. – copywriting, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, etc.).  I savored his every word.

Then there’s the rest – Super Hype At Best – Boring At The Worst

The worst examples are the direct messages from new Twitter followers, whom I don’t know from Adam – yet they might send messages like this (NO offense met to any Twitter followers):

“Thanks for following me.  How about some great ocean front property in Arizona (USA)?  Click Great Opportunity.”

“I love your tweets.  A new ground floor opportunity has emerged.  Company has found a process to make dehydrated water – just add water.  Click Wet My Appetite.”

By studying the bad and mediocre, one learns what to avoid.  You’re learning – by experience – what to avoid.  It’s best summarized by Thomas Edison: “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

And Some Just Don’t Get It

Companies like List Volta, for example.  I was receiving 30 emails a day, until I filled out a request form to stop sending these emails.  Then I got a reply (Let’s just call him Goober):


“I am not sure why you joined, and I am also not sure why you did not simply login and cancel the account that you setup.”

Great reply.  Most email lists have an option to “unsubscribe” – something missing from the List Volta emails.  Here’s my reply to the email:


“I didn’t join to receive 30 emails a day.  I’m lucky to receive 1 email a day from other people – I belong to several lists.  Is my membership now canceled or do I have to sign in, to cancel it?”

Does this person get it?  See his next reply and my response:


“I have never heard of a safe-list that does not generate e-mails, and I pretty much was one of the first to invent the whole idea of safe-lists. I had canceled the account earlier.”


“Thanks for canceling the account.  Obviously, you haven’t subscribed to other lists, and I have subscribed to tons of lists.  If each generated 30 emails a day, NOBODY would subscribe to them.”

Now To The Email Authors

And what should I tell the folks who write the bad email?  Remember George the frog.  Keep on kicking.

Randy Kemp
Blog: http://b2b-techcopy.net
Business: http://b2b-techcopy.com


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