FaceBook Cyberspace Thugs and Green Malaware

FaceBook First

It’s been one of those weeks.  It took a while for FaceBook to address my queries, after they closed my account.   This is my final query to them:

“Is there any resolution to this issue? Either identifying the terms of service violation or taking steps to deal with the cyber criminals? By Facebook NOT answering my basic questions, it shows both LACK of integrity and INSUFFICIENT skill sets on the part of the tech support staff. I wouldn’t WANT a FaceBook account, if you don’t answer questions from users, who have been with you a while. This is CERTAINLY NOT how other social media sites operate, such as Linkedin.”

After trying to email them, this is the reply I got:

“Our systems indicate that your FaceBook account has been compromised by cybercriminals attempting to impersonate you. These criminals often will try to trick your friends into sending them money by claiming that you are stuck in a far away location and in need of assistance.”

“ It is possible that your email account was compromised as well, as obtaining access to a victim’s email is one of the primary ways these cybercriminals have been operating. Please change the passwords to any email addresses associated with your account.”

“ Once you regain control of your FaceBook account, be sure to verify that you control all of the email addresses associated with your account on the Contact Email…”

The bottom line is my FaceBook account is now restored, with a new secure password.  I thanked them with this email:

“Thank for for fixing this issue. I have changed passwords for my email and social media accounts.”

Now Green AV

Now this is an interesting one.  I’ve isolated this one to a transmission in the Yahoo Mail  or Chat system.

The scenario is this:  A message will appear saying your system is at risk, from the following viruses – then they list about 4 or 5.  The message appears to come from the Windows Security Center, with a very official looking graphic.

The purpose?

They want you to download some software to fix the problem.  If you do, it will ask you to purchase this software, to eliminate the problem.

But I didn’t fall for it!  Why not?  Go back to the message appearing as Windows Security Center, warning about possible viruses.

What’s Wong With This Picture?

The problem is that my security software and firewall is McAfee.  See the problem? McAfee didn’t send the message – Windows security center allegedly did.  Windows has farmed virus protection to third party software.   If you don’t have a paid option, look to Avira or Avast.

Let’s Test The Waters

I normally shut the system down when Green AV displays its messages.  I have my security set to run Windows Defender and McAfee, my firewall is turned on, and I have Windows automatic updates.  Each week I run smart scans with McAfee, Malwarebytes, and A2.  But I wanted another security level to test.

Enter Spyware Blaster and Different Browsers
I downloaded Spyware Blaster and set it for maximum security.  For testing, I tried the browsers IE8 and FireFox.  In both cases, the bug resurfaced, when I entered by Yahoo mail.

Then I tried something different.

What was it?  I used Google Chrome, as it doesn’t have as large a market share.  It worked!  To finish the process, I opened this support request with Yahoo.

“I have been receiving the virus or malware Green AV, either by someone trying to initiate unwanted Yahoo chats, or reading Yahoo based mail.  I have isolated it to the Yahoo account XXX.  If I open it in IE 8 or the latest Firefox, it prompts me to load this bogus anti-virus.  When I use Google Chrome, it prevents it from happening.  Can you please direct this to the proper Yahoo authorities, just in case other users are experiencing this?”

Remember to create STRONG passwords.  A good free online generator is found at freepasswordgen….  A great, free  tool for registry issues is CC Cleaner at ccleaner.com/….

Guidelines For Safe Computing

I’ve tried to share some guidelines for safe computing.  If I have referred to any software, without providing a download link, then please – look it up on Google.

Tip  of The Week

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