I Was Mugged At Gunpoint…But I Finally Got Vonage To Work

You’ll see what I’m talking about shortly.  But first…a real cool YouTube video..Google Wave and Pulp fiction (don’t watch if offended by Pulp Fiction‘s cussing) at youtube.com/wat…

Setting up my home network

Remember the electrical engineer, who used to work at Motorola?  It turns out that he was approached by ATT; made the switch from Comcast to ATT Uverse.  Now he has a router not being used.  Guess what?  I borrowed it for an undetermined length of time.  I’ve also gotten some good, technical feedback from Comcast.

Remember my Vonage problem regarding packet loss?  I shared this article and thought I found:
“Another article by the same author at vonage.nmhoy.ne…, shares an interesting thought: ‘In my experience, and that of others I’ve seen on the forums, Vonage devices seem to work better when placed behind a more effective router.’”

As far as the router goes – out of 621 reviews on http://www.amazon.com , the average rating is 4 out of 5 stars (very good – see amazon.com/Link…).  Here’s the configuration I followed from  http://is.gd/4Ji1D:

Vonage Router Solution











Configuration Details

I have two computers and a Vonage router connected with Ethernet connections.  All feed off the Motorola SurfBoard modem and the Linksys router.  So far the test results have been excellent

  • The Vonage router was replaced as the primary router with Linksys
  • The Vonage router was demoted to just playing with bells (working only with phone calls)
  • Vonage tech support never suggested this solution
  • I implemented this solution without paying an outrageous $150 Comcast fee, for setting  up home networking
  • I applied the suggestions of Motorola tech support (see last week’s blog entry) to use one IP address (via a router).

My Facebook account attacked by Cyberspace Criminals

Remember when I wrote about my FaceBook account being attacked by Cyberspace criminals?  A friend mentioned he sent me an email, which I never received.  Here’s the conversation (a pop up chat screen appears, courtesy of FaceBook).  I’ll provide any commentary in italics.

hi. how are u doing?  (I now use Generation X word shortening methods).

9:11am Ron
Doing OK. How’s things with you?

9:12am Randy
am not okay at the moment

9:12am Ron
Where are you working now? I’m at the XXX for a few months.

9:13am Randy
same place  (Ya, sure.  And we never got together?).

am stuck in UK

9:13am Ron
Contract or permanent?

9:13am Randy

i got mugged last night at a gun point


9:15am Randy
united kingdom  (Here’s something totally cool.  Go to http://is.gd/4NrNa and set the cities to Chicago and London.  It would be 3 PM in the afternoon in London if it’s 9 AM in Chicago.  Is this chap drinking tea, while he spins his yarn…at the same time Ron has his morning Java?).

9:15am Ron
A long way to go to get mugged. RU OK?

9:16am Randy
i was hurt

i need your urgent help

9:16am Ron

9:16am Randy
i need you to loan me $$ (He says he was hurt then asks for money.  I would be more interested in the extend of injury).

to get my return ticket back home (Man!  If this guy was me…he sure is dumb.  Carrying all his cash around?  Hasn’t he heard of American Express travelers checks and credit cards?)

9:17am Ron
What was the name of our writing instructor? (a brilliant question on the part of Ron – pay attention folks, in case this scam is used again.)

9:17am Randy
are u kidding me

9:17am Ron

9:18am Randy
i will def refund it back to you (Sure he will…just like all the Nigerian letters that go something like this…I have selected you to help me get these millions transferred out of my country…you get a hefty percentage for your help…what they don’t tell you is that things get delayed…they ask for money to speed up the transfer).

9:18am Ron
What was the name of our instructor?

9:19am Randy
if am not the one i wont ask you to wire me money to my name

9:20am Ron
You can’t answer the question?

9:21am Randy
why are u kidding me (No, he’s not kidding you)

9:22am Ron
OK. This is a scam.  (Yes, Ron…it’s a scam…pay close attention folks).

Here’s my current reply to my friend Ron:

According to FaceBook (after they investigated and reinstated my account), Cyberspace criminals hijacked my account. They then requested money from FaceBook friends.  I wrote about his on my blog (a few weeks back) at http://b2b-techcopy.net.  I now have new and more secure passwords in place.

For the record, you handled the scam artist well.  Just ask them a question only the two of us would know.  I never carry large amounts of cash around.  You would find me mostly with credit cards and American Express travelers checks.  In case I was robbed at gunpoint,  they wouldn’t wipe me out.  I would have contacted the local police and  (if applicable),  the following resources:

If I ever did call friends (which I never would), they can at least be assured the crime has been reported to local law enforcement.  Then you can call them directly to verify my story.

A few ideas on the Vonage router problem

Here’s what my electrical engineer friend thought, when the Vonage router was the only router I used:

I’ll bounce a few ideas about it.   Since it seems to deteriorate over time it could be affected by:

  1. Small memory leak gradually taking up space until there isn’t enough memory space to process the data
  2. Cashe not cleaning up.
  3. Bad memory hardware. When it tries to store data in a certain chunk of memory it loses data
  4. Errors building up over time not getting cleaned up eating up processing or memory space.
  5. Server switch over sending out bad data that the router filters out but Vonage doesn’t know how to handle.
  6. Error recovery perhaps the Vonage unit doesn’t know how to get a resend of messed up data
  7. Tighter adherence to specs in the Router for the handling the data stream or the reverse too tight adherence to the specs by Vonage.
  8. Biggest hint is after a reset of the system the problem goes away. If there was a way to reach into the Vonage device and do selective resets to parts of the program or settings  it might create an indication where the problem is.

These area all just shots in the dark.

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