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With the economy in such bad shape, it’s only natural to turn to money saving sources.  For me – at least with some items – the dollar store becomes a desert oasis.

Now I have my weekly list of items.  Let’s see now.  Dental floss, paper cups, matches, razor blades, paper napkins, etc.  These are things I wouldn’t obtain from places like Walmart, Target, or Myers.

There’s a few prized dollar stores I frequent.  Among my frequented hall of fame includes Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Deals and Dollar General.

Amish Dollar General Stores

Now these stories actually happened.  In a town close to where I live.  Yet I can’t say what happened there is typical.  Know why?  Down in Arcola, Illinois and in the nearby city of Aurthur, there’s a different story.  They have 2 Dollar Generals, along with a sizable Amish population.  In fact, some Amish folks even work at the stores.

The Amish are cool – I admire them.  They don’t own modern technology.  Yet they don’t mind asking for a ride…using your phone…or other technology favors.  But if your house ever burned down – guess what?  They would bring an army to help you.

If I gave a rate to Amish population Dollar General stores, I would give them two thumbs up.  Excuse me if I borrow from the movie rating system of Sisco and Ebert.

Now the Dollar General Near Me

Let me share some stories about a Dollar General near me.  My mom is about 88 years old and sometimes return items she purchased.  She has the proper tag on the item, along with a store receipt.  When she returned something to this Dollar General store, the clerk asked for a drivers license?  Excuse me???  She has returned items to places like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.  She had the proper store tags and receipts.  Not once was she asked for a drivers license.

Another time I went to this store and asked the manager to double bag some heavy items.  Guess what?  He said it was against store policy to double bag items.  Yet if the customer wishes to do this – they can.  I say that this policy was very strange.  He mentioned bag prices were related to the price of oil.  What?  Does that make sense?

My most pressing complaint is that the isles are always full of boxes.  Not empty boxes, mind you – but boxes full of stuff that needs stacking.  I never notice this at other dollar stores.  Nor do I notice it at stores like Walmart, Target, Myers, CVS or Walgreens.

Let’s Return to Google Voice and Gizmo5

I’ll take a break from dollar stores and return to my Gizmo5/Google Voice hybrid.  Google Voice now functions as both a business line, as well as an overall phone umbrella and answering machine.  I just purchased a Grandstream Budge-Tone-201 phone for $50.  Last week, I shared a configuration article how to set up a SIP phone adapter with Gizmovoice at….  There’s a better article I found at germinalcenter…..  I had one more port on my router, which was used for this setup.  This week sent me a surprise – Google Voice just brought Gizmo5 (see industry.bnet.c…).

Guess what?  This is now my “official” business line.  I found a forum thread somewhere.  A person wanted to run Vonage with another VOIP service.  The Vonage folks say yes – use a router.  It works perfectly, Vonage.  Thanks for the tip.  I enjoyed a wonderful Vonage-based conversation with an Australian friend.

Sound quality?

Google Voice + Gizmo5 + G.S.-B.T. 201 + Linksys Router = Vonage + Vonage Router + Linksys Router

Remember My Pre-Linksys router problem with IP addresses?

In case you don’t – please refer to early blog entries in the past 2 months.  But I got an answer from Amazon forums:

The computer is looking for the V-Portal in both cases.

You can do the following when you make changes: In the search area under Start type in “CMD” without quotes. When the command prompt shows up, type in “ipconfig /release” then when prompted, type in “ipconfig /renew”
This will allow the computer to renew the ip address without rebooting either V-portal or the modem

Should I Market On FaceBook?

It’s a question on a Linkedin group I run.  Here’s my answer:

Any social media site can be used for promotion: I chiefly use Twitter, FaceBook, Ecademy and Linkedin. While FaceBook is not where I’m actively engaged, it has some benefits. There’s an application where you can feed Twitter updates to Facebook automatically. You can also set up Friend Feed to take in Twitter feeds. I have made friends on FaceBook, whom I mutually follow on Twitter. Recently FaceBook has purchased Friend Feed, just like Google Voice has purchased Gizmo5. Friend Feed has the “potential” for being a competitor of Twitter. Keep options open but spend more time on what works. You need to test – a key component of the direct response marketing school – this also applies to the Social Media arena.

And now – drum rolls please!~You can add Twitter Tweets to Linkedin

Oh, Wow!

Oh, Wow, is right!  I replaced 14 bathroom vanity bulbs with the new energy saving variety.  Yet the best prices weren’t from the dollar store.  I found this bulbs for $1 each at Myers and Ace Hardware. – Business – Blog



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