The AMC Village – A Marketer’s Paradise

But first – 31 states vs Vonage.  In case you think I’m the only one complaining about Vonage, look at this NPR radio article.  Article: “Vonage to settle investigation involving 32 states”….   Vonage agreed to pay three million to 32 states.

I’m not the only one complaining about Vonage – the NPR radio article proves it.  Remember the old Superman black and white TV series?  In one episode, a man and woman discovers Superman’s secret identity.  He flies them up on top a mountain top.  Then he supplies them with a tent, food and water.  After he flies away, the couple try climbing down – only to fall to their deaths.  Did Superman have anything to do with that?  And did Vonage act like Superman, in the current NPR radio article?

The Prisoner

This is a cool show.  Remember the blond guy in “The Man From Uncle” TV series?  He was the prisoner in the 1960’s TV series, described in a Wiki article at en.wikipedia.or….  Currently AMC has made a six hour remake.  It’s much better, folks!  Look at the Telegraph review at….

Here’s the essence in a nutshell.  Shows like the prisoner deal with two realities – one is real and one is artificial.  But this is the dichotomy displayed in many arenas.

  • Many other movies play with this theme.  Look at The Matrix, for example.
  • It’s a common ploy of idealistic philosophies, like Plato in the west, or Advaita in the East.
  • It’s the main theme of religious approaches like New Thought or Christian Science.
  • It is also played with in comic book worlds.  X-men villains like Mastermind, create illusions with their mental powers.  Other villains utilize chemicals – look at Scarecrow in Batman or Mr. Fear in Daredevil.
  • Magazines like Shamans Drum deal with Shamans entering alternative realities around the world.
  • Star Trek TV and movie launches deal with alternative realities or parallel universes (it’s based upon physics theory).

Here’s something I liked about the AMC Prisoner.  In the Matrix, I wouldn’t agree with the “artificial” world.  In the AMC Prisoner version (without giving away the ending), I might agree with creating the Village.  It solves a problem the main female Prisoner character exemplifies.

The Village and The Marketer

Let’s go back to the AMC show “The Village”.  Did you notice that they indulge in certain brands of beer, food, entertainment, etc.?  We might be angry in that those choices are artificiality created desires.  But aren’t we living in a variation of The Village?

How many times have you picked up Chest toothpaste over Pepsodent or AIM toothpaste (these brands sell for a buck)?  What’s not known is that the company behind Arm and Hammer manufacture the Pepsodent and AIM toothpaste brands.  How long has Arm & Hammer been around?  Isn’t it more than 100 years?

Have you ever gone and picked up Tide laundry detergent?  If you go to Walmart, you find a brand called Surf.  What’s not know is that Surf is really All detergent, marketed under a foreign packaging.  It’s also been around a long time – much like Pepsodent toothpaste.

Remember where the two older men were smoking “forbidden” cigarettes?  Wasn’t that a Village brand?

Folks, I’m guilty – I admit it.  As a technology copywriter and marketer, I prefer you to use The Village computers.  Hey!  They pay me, right?  Well, if they did – guess what?  I’ll convince you to use The Village computers…The Village bus system…The Village medical care system.  Maybe I’ll even convince you to buy the pigs being sold…they stop the land hole anomalies.  Now that’s a challenging Copywriting and marketing assignment!

No!  I’m not on The Village marketing or copywriting staff.

Should You use FaceBook to market?

Here’s my final thoughts from a Linkedin group, where the question originated.

Almost any social media outlet can be made to work. It all depends on where you wish to engage your time and energy.

  1. One of my Linkedin connections regularly works with many social media outlets. He had success with Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin, Friend Feed, etc. His focus is on SEO content and blogging for corporations.
  2. Another Linkedin contact works as an Internet Marketer and chiefly works with Twitter. He has three Twitter accounts with over 20,000 followers. A good percentage follow his I.M. ezine.
  3. Another contact writes articles for self-growth and has a surprising number of annual website visits (2 million annually).
  4. On the other hand, an MBA director of a local small business development center has luck with traditional marketing approaches. These approaches include giving talks as a subject matter marketing expert to different groups. She also engages some well known coaches to help her own personal development.

On a personal note, I wouldn’t mind learning from 1-4. Each could teach me a lot. I love studying what makes them successful.

There’s many different permutations and combinations of various marketing approaches – be it viral, direct response, SEO, etc. The key is to experiment and find out what works for you.

Twitter and blogs can feed other social media outlets

If you have a blog, you can set up FaceBook Notes to import blog feeds. Linkedin has applications for Word Press, as well as other blog formats. You can import blog feed summaries to Twitter via Twitterfeed ( is also a good tool to feed multiple applications).

You can feed Twitter posts (via applications) to FaceBook, Friend Feed, and Linkedin (among other social media outlets).

There’s many Twitter tools out there – some good, some bad, and some ugly (Hey! That would make a good movie title!).  You just need to find the “right blend” to cook up a “Twitter Stew”.




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