Letters of Complaint – Is Anyone Listening? + Twitter Books/Rascals

This week found me filling two complaints.

AT&T Complaint

The first one was against AT&T.  Now I signed up for their measured rate service.  Here’s my concerns:

  1. When I inquired to various clerks regarding installation charges, I was told there were none.
  2. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to drop the installation charge.  Reason?  I’m a returning AT&T customer

Here’s my letter to the Better Business Bureau.  I filed this during my pursuit of item 2 above.  A day or two later, the installation charge was wavered.  I’ve yet to hear a response from AT&T to my complaint via the BBB.  Here’s the complaint:

“When I signed up for AT&T measured rate service – number XXX-XXX-XXXX, I repeatedly asked differ sales clerks if there were any installation charges. I was told no. Then a bill of $90 appeared for installation. I repeated my concerns to different AT&T customer service representatives. While this was placed in the notes, the bill still appeared. To top it off, no technician had to stop in person to set up the service.”

“Currently I’m pursuing a waver, with a different AT&T division. It’s based upon the fact that I’m a former AT&T customer returning to AT&T. I have issues with this process also. In one case a clerk took the information but didn’t forward a note for a supervisor to approve. A week passed before I inquired again. Now the emails were sent to the supervisors but are still waiting for approval.”

“The final concern is that I keep getting asked if it’s OK to sell AT&T products, while on the current call to a customer representative. I keep saying no – as well as future consideration to products like AT&T U-verse. Not until this current issue is resolved.”

Dollar General Complaint

My other complaint was regarding a local Dollar General store manager.  He refuses to double bag items when requested.  What does he say?  The customer can double bag if requested.  It’s the store policy to save money, do to the price of oil.  So I will verify what he said.  Here’s my email to both the marketing and general customer service departments:

“Is it the D.G. store policy to only single bag?  And if a customer requests to double bag heavy items, to have them do it themselves?  This is my understanding according to the manager at XXX.”

“Can you confirm whether this is a store policy or not?”

“The only problem is that there are other dollar stores in the area –  like Deals, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar.  None of the other dollar stores has such a strange policy regarding-double bagging.  The explanation given by the manager is also strange.  He says it saves money do to the price of oil.  It sounds more to me like a bad case of laziness.”

I’m still awaiting a response from Dollar General.

Lessons Learned

AT&T doesn’t get it.  How can you sell me big ticket items like Uverse down the road, when you can’t address a $90 billing issue?

Didn’t AT&T get into a battle with Verizon?  It’s to do with their 3G network claims.  Please look at Judge Denies AT&T Request to Pull Verizon 3G Ads at pcmag.com/artic….   Or view the article Apple Steps Into AT&T-Verizon Ad War at informationweek….

So what to do?

Keep AT&T.


They are my VOIP backup, in case the Internet is down.  Vonage goes to Google Voice when my ISP is down.  Google Voice talks to my Gizmo5 phone, TracFone, and AT&T.  If the Internet is completely down, AT&T takes my VOIP connections.

So the equation goes like this:

Residential Line Vonage down → Google Voice Business → Gizmo5 + TracFone + AT&T → Answering Machine

Hey…Dollar General…Listen Up!

You best answer my  inquiries – that is – if you wish to retain customers.

You see, customers have many alternatives….food items can be obtained at Audi’s food stores….store brands are cheaper at Walmart’s “Great Value”… Myers, Target and Walmart OFTEN have better prices…CVS and Walgreens are more convenient…competitive dollar stores in the area (i.e. – Deals, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar) “double bag” items upon request.

I believe in good customer service.  That’s why I hammer away at Vonage, Comcast, AT&T and Dollar General – bad customer service is BAD marketing.  Get the message?

You will – if customers start going to the competition.

I’m off my “soap opera” for now.

Question of the week – what about Twitter?  How do I get started?

Check out this YouTube video: “Twitter in Plain English” youtube.com/wat…

How about the book “Twitter for Dummies” by Laura Fitton, Michael Gruen, and Leslie Poston? .


The book “Everything twitter – From Novice To Expert: The Unofficial Guide to Everything Twitter” – THE BLUE BOOK (Black & White Edition) by Monica Jones and Steve Soho

You can find these on Amazon and they have good user review ratings. And no – dummies and idiot guide books are NOT insulting – they put concepts, ideas and teachings into simple English…from top experts in the field.

Did I mention that Amazon will offer free shipping on orders over $25?

I don’t trust guides…Many schemes “rip you off”

You are right in that there are thousands of guides and schemes out there…stay away from them…unless you have a trusted source that used them.

The books I pointed out on Amazon are each to check out.  If you are in the US, the local public library can access them free for you…either through their own library sources, or other libraries in their inter-library loan system.  At Amazon, users have reported on the books and Amazon gives the collective rating.  You can read through the book reviews for yourself.

Would I prefer to do it myself and spend countless hours of experimentation?  Or would I prefer to read what other “experts” recommend?  I have read different Idiots Guide and Dummies series and I’ve been highly impressed.

Twitter Rascals

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do” – Christ

Or do they?  I’m talking about new Twitter follows, who send direct messages like this: “Is this you?” (followed by a link).  What they fail to mention is the site is a Trojan supply site.  Luckily, I’m a bit computer savvy!

And that’s not all.  Someone managed to sneak in a couple tweets under my ID.  I suspect Direct Messages are triggering  a Trojan message.  I changed the Twitter password  and now open direct messages  in Chrome. Clues tweets are from me: Come from Twitbin or Seesmic – not web…follow my “general” tweet pattern…use URL shortening.

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