Acupuncture in the Knees…Monk Dies?…But Twitter Tips Served

How do you treat an elderly parent with health issues?  Would you try new and different approaches?  Perhaps it might be homeopathy and acupuncture.

Did you ever see show No Reservations on the Travel Channel? (see…l).

Unless I’m mixing it up with another Travel Channel program – guess what?  This guy’s as much a material guy as Jed Clampett.   But he’s not afraid to explore new ideas…some not within his worldview.

For instance: Once he visits an island, where the natives are fire-walking.  They do some chants to focus they mind.  Next step…one, two, three…our material guy is walking on fire…hot coals several hundred degrees warm.  Then he scratches his head.  “Did I just do that?” he inquired.

Another trip took him to Africa.  He’s sitting in an all night native dance.  The local shaman is working with spirits.  Now I’m not going to comment on this.  No theological, philosophical, or scientific commentary.  Just the facts!  The shaman picks up some hot coals and swallows them.  “Did he just do that?” he inquired.  Then something surprising happens.  The shaman touches the host.  The host mentions his life is flashing different life scenes – like all the near death experiences.

Then guess what?

This dude goes back to drinking hard liquor with the locals and having a good time.  He probably forgets what he accomplished and experienced, unless he watches his TV shows.

I’m poisoned, Doctor

It actually happened – to one of my favorite TV characters.  Enter the final season of Monk, the detective with mental health issues.  It all centers on his wife’s death, in a car explosions.

But the villain who killed his wife poisoned Monk.  Nobody on the hospital staff can identify the poison…the assassin hired by the killer to poison Monk dies…killed in a train wreck…Monk has about 3 days to live.  What to do?

My Solution: bring in the brilliant medical detective House.  They both share some common dimensions.  Both are Sherlock Holmes prodigies.  Both have absolutely horrible personalities – not that Sherlock Holmes is any better (Say – a new movie version is coming out in December 2009).

How would House treat the situation?  All the hospital physicians can do is prescribe pain killers and wait for the inevitable.  After all, the hospital staff could take weeks to identify the poison.  I know.  He refer Monk to a good homeopath and a could practitioner of C.T.M. (That’s Chinese traditional medicine, folks…Acupuncture and Chinese herbs).

Perhaps he can forestall the inevitable and buy more time.  At least give House a chance to identify the poison and identify an antidote.

We’ll continue my mom’s story some other time. Let’s open some social media questions I received this week.

How Do I Increase Blog Traffic?

Many things. What are you using? Is it WordPress? Do you using one hosted by or (via your ISP). Something as simple as increasing your presence via a social media outlook, or using an SEO optimized platform (i.e. – like WordPress direct), helps immensely. What is your blogging platform?

Jessica shared some good thoughts. A good SEO plugin would be very useful. Put the SEO keywords in your title. Install some web Analytics packages and see where traffic is coming from. Google Analytics and Stat Counter are a couple good ones – free also. Something as simple as sharing constructive comments on other popular blogs in your niche helps (i.e. – you provide a blog link in the identification URL).

I don’ read Twitter guides – I like to get my feet wet

There’s got to be a balance between doing it yourself and studying from guides, books and courses. It reminds me of learning programing languages (which you elude to with the PHP web scripting language – works great with MySql and PostegeSql). I would love to experiment and learn by doing. But I also love to attend class at local US junior colleges, like the College of DuPage and Harper.

When I was in the Bahamas many years ago, I took a Scuba Diving expedition. The instructor gave us a 1 hour land course, followed by a live drive. I finished it – but was scared all the time. A nice – but slower – prep course at the local US YMCA would have been appreciated.

Yes – Twitter seems easy. Yet there are many tools out there that work with Twitter. It took me a while to work with the right combination of 3 – 4 tools. I would have loved if an expert gave me some book guidance.

Lastly, it’s a matter of learning styles. I personally believe in a balance of “doing it yourself” and “expert guidance from other sources.” I think local junior US colleges are missing the boat – they could make a fortune with credit and not credit courses around social media.

I realize you are more of a “let me get my hands wet” kind of guy. I appreciate that. I like to get my hands wet too. But I also like some guidance – that’s where the books come in (free from my local library).

FaceBook is bigger than Twitter

Is Twitter as big as FaceBook or Linkedin? I don’t know – unless someone shows me some independent statistics. I agree with you about social media consultants promoting their own success formula – for a price. It’s similar to folks selling Internet marketing success secrets – for a price. Yet you can go through a program like the XXX (Blocked out at request of WordPress) and learn some sound foundations for free. And yes – you get your feet wet by swimming.

There are some good Twitter tools out there and you can use the free versions. I do that for such tasks as sending automatic direct messages, targeting new traffic by select keywords, and unfollowing people no longer following me. It took me a while to figure out what’s good and bad – in tools. It really was a combination of “direct experimentation”, consulting with a couple of friends, and getting tips from ezines.

Twitter can feed other social media platforms. There are software applications to feed FaceBook, Linkedin, Friend Feed, etc., with Twitter Tweets. I like Twitter – in fact, I love it. But I realize it’s “not for everyone.”

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