Good, Cheap and Quick Jobs – 2 out of 3 OK?

These enjoyable tidbits come from Farmer’s Digest.  It came – of all places – from a New Thought newsletter.   It’s a sign in a local farm equipment dealer’s repair shop:

“We do three types of jobs – Cheap, Quick and Good.  You can have any two.”

  1. “A good quick job – won’t be cheap”
  2. “A good job cheap – won’t be quick”
  3. “A cheap job quick – won’t be good.”

A cheap job quick – won’t be good

Let’s review these in reverse – shall we?  One TV station‘s bring in the new years.  Guess who’s ringing it in?  The Stooges!  Now Stooges are a male thing.  If you don’t believe me, then survey some females.  Ask them if they like the Stooges.  The answer is a loud and almost unanimous “No”.

Now these three blue collar workers can do a job cheap….and quick…but not good.  Maybe they might fix a car…perhaps they remove some parts.  Then they put the car back together – often in record time.  But guess what?  There’s a few parts missing.  Charge?  Cheap!  Time?  Quick!  But is the work good?  Well, is it?

Perhaps you recall Curly imitating a plumber.  A bathtub is working fine.  That is – until Curly showed up.  Did he remove a pipe?  I don’t remember.  What I remember is him standing in the bathtub.  He’s imprisoned withing a pipe cage.  On top is a trilling pipe,  spitting water all over.  Cheap…quick…but NOT good.

A good quick job – wont’ be cheap

So what elements from TV or the movies would we grab?  Let’s look at a recent movie release.  I’m the person that waits until they come to those magic boxes – for only $1.  You know…the RedBox and DVDPlay.

Have you seen  Inglourious Basterds directed by Tarantino?  Now…granted, mind you…he hasn’t scored a major hit since Pulp Fiction – but he’s darned good!  He has this elite psychopathic squad of hit men butcher the Nazis.  Tarantino – bless his soul – instills both good and bad in his characters.

How so?

Remember the vampire vs hard core hit men movie?  The bad guys save the good folks from vampires?  The innocent little girl becomes a potential vixen? Or take this Nazis movie.  The heroes become as cruel as Nazis.

It just so happens…surprise, surprise…Hitler wants to attend a movie screening.  If you look outside the theater,  what do you see?  Minimum guard reinforcements.  Not good!  Not real!

The heroes?

They get the job done.  It’s good…it’s quick…but it’s not cheap.  But it’s cheaper than prolonging the war.  They got a lucky break.  Someone in security hired the German prison staff from Hogan’s Heroes (except for the German Sherlock Holmes type).

A good job cheap – won’t be quick

Another film I rented was Paranormal Activity.  Katie’s an English study living with her boyfriend Micah (a day trader).  She believe her house’s haunted.  The boyfriend goes hi-tech.  Cameras and such.

Perhaps his equipment is cheap.  He has a PC and camera.  He does a good job.  Nice tech!  Good tech.

Only one problem.  Some things don’t fit into his technology world.  To quote Shakespeare – “There’s the rub.”   Since what he’s trying to capture “eludes” technology, he’s NOT quick.  He does a good job (technology wise).  He’s probably considerably cheaper than the professional psychic or demonologist.

But he’s not quick.  Well, is he?

And that ending – isn’t that a thought provoker?  Supernatural elements?  Demented psychopath with psychic powers?  What do you think?  If you haven’t seen the movie, a Google search brings up a Wiki article.

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