SEO, Digital Media and Savvy Headline Questions

Here’s some questions I answered on social media and via email this week:

Will Digit Media replace everything?

This is interesting. Last week I was talking to Bonnie, who runs the Harper Community College, small business development center. She also markets her own coaching program and information products. In addition, she studies under a couple well known coaches. So here are some things I remember (from Bonnie and others)

1. The interesting thing she mentioned was that she plans on doing some video blog posts. She also has the most success with teleseminars and personal appearances, in drawing the most traffic.

2. Hubspot is a company devoted to social media and viral marketing (I got certified by them). They say that the blog is the hub of social media. But they also do several short videos on

3. When I was hanging around Ben Hart‘s membership site (direct response copywriter/marketer turned Internet Marketer), he had an interesting audio article. It was increasing website traffic via a $600 dollar video.

Digital is probably the closest to meeting someone in person. And even if you don’t rely 100% on video/audio marketing, it should be included in the mix.

And technology get’s more clever each day. Look at the little videos taking place in pop-up bubbles. Wiki talks a bit about pop-up videos, and you sometimes find them in Twitter as Bubble Tweets.

Maybe one day we wil have three dimensional holograms pop into our living room. They will delivery a message, like we see in Science Fiction shows (i.e. – Star Trek).

We can’t ignore the digital edge. But we may not be entirely 100% digital (didn’t they once predict direct mail will diminish or disappear, with the advent of the Internet?). But shouldn’t we add it to our arsenal of marketing approaches?

Most of my clients want to rank #1 in Google.  Is this something you do?

I would be careful of companies promising to get clients to the top of the chart.  I’m certified by Web CEO, which does teach me much about SEO.  They warn us to be wary of such companies.  Many might even use what is called “black hat techniques”.

What I would look at is selecting optimizing keywords  (low competition and high volume) and embedding them into the copy.

There are many factors that determine organic rankings.  One big  factor is link juice (how many quality links point to your site).  What you don’t want is getting links by “black hat techniques” (i.e. – link farms).

I usually target B2B technology companies, but work with other venues.  Consider me a copywriter (i.e. direct response) and writer, who is familiar with technology arenas, along with Internet and viral marketing.

I’m always open to other projects and clients, and usually charge by the project.  I put together a project proposal, detailing what will be done, along with the total charge.

For now, we will keep the smart vision focus domain.  I plan on building the new site in WordPress.  Down the road, we will point Smart Vision Focus to that.  I’ll share an example shortly of Bonnie’s sight, which is build entirely in WordPress

I don’t guarantee organic rankings, but will utilize the best “white hat” methods to work toward that goal.

What do you think of headlines like, “Does Your Office Have Workplace Stress?”

Headlines comprise most of what readers first look at, according to copywriter/marketer Brian Keith Voiles. He mentions coming up with 100 different headlines for a project.

Interesting! Especially if you can utilize them for sub headings or incorporate them in other projects.

Then folks most likely look at the PS.

If you can be truthful, here’s a better adaptation of the generic stress headline:

Amazing NASA scientific breakthrough reduces workplace stress by 89.25%

What do we see here?

NASA – authority figure
Scientific breakthrough – works for me!
89.25% – precision…How much more precise can you get?

Lessons learned this week – seek a second opinion

If something doesn’t seem right – seek a second opinion.  The wipers stopped functioning on auto #2.  Off to my local mechanic.    His estimate was around $400.  It didn’t seem right.  Then I sought a second opinion.  Just re-torque the wiper arms and lube.  The cost was $20.

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