Software that fixes all,‭ ‬creative moments and booming bombs

Buy the Broom-Hilda software fixer upper‭ – ‬only‭ ‬$19.95

You know the problems,‭ ‬right‭?  ‬Your computer is broken.‭  ‬You installed the latest open source software.

Then something goes boom in the night.‭  ‬It’s not a nuclear terrorist bomb.‭  ‬It’s not your stomach belching.‭  ‬It’s not Superman after finishing three gallons of garlic chili.

What is it‭?

  1. Your PHP/MySQL mail list installation doesn’t work.‭
  2. Or someone installed a new WordPress plug-in and the RSS feed doesn’t
  3. Or a Drupal update doesn’t works out of the box.

That’s where the Broom-Hilda software fixer upper saves the day.‭  ‬It works like magic.

Then you wake up.‭  ‬There’s no fixer upper.‭  ‬The software is still broken.‭  ‬But somewhere there’s a fix.
It’s not from the Wizard of Ox.‭  ‬It’s from the average coder who encountered the problem and found a fix.‭

But there is a Google search option.‭  ‬You must supply the right keywords.‭  ‬Let’s see now:

  1. For the mail list issue,‭ ‬it was caused by a missing table.‭  ‬The fix‭?  ‬Just create the missing table‭ (‬it doesn’t matter it’s empty‭)‬.
  2. For the RSS feed,‭ ‬a bad section of code wasn’t checking for empty RSS feeds.‭  ‬The fix‭?  ‬Just test for an empty RSS feed‭ – ‬it’s one line of code to fix.
  3. For Drupal,‭ ‬just find a hosting site with doc on how to update Drupal.

Let’s pause for a creative moment

There in lies the rub.‭  ‬How come Shakespeare is coming into my head‭?  ‬I remember when I was taking Spanish.‭  ‬The last language was French‭ – ‬nearly‭ ‬20‭ ‬years ago.‭  ‬Yet when we practiced in class,‭ ‬guess what‭?

That’s right‭!  ‬I started interjecting French words and accents,‭ ‬within a Spanish class.‭  ‬And as I glance leftward,‭ ‬the TV is blaring.‭  ‬It’s an old Bruce Lee movie.

Somewhere we have creativity lying within us.‭  ‬Take today.‭  ‬I’m at a meeting with two creatives.‭  ‬One produces a radio show and is a paid comedian,‭ ‬entertaining corporate cultures.‭  ‬His wife is an actress and writer.‭

How do you inspire them to produce a YouTube video and come up with creative ideas‭?  ‬I show them three examples of creative videos:

  1. First we watch a music video about United breaking guitars at‭ ‬‭
  2. Second we watch a Mission Impossible video with a pigeon at‭ ‬
  3. Finally we watch the Muppets singing a Bohemian Rhapsody at‭ ‬….‭

Then the ideas started to flow.‭  ‬Grab a paper and write down the brainstorming session.‭

Does this even make sense‭?

Later that evening,‭ ‬I’m watching the TV show Human Target.‭  ‬It’s an adventurer from D.C.‭ ‬Comics.‭  ‬Tonight a bomb’s ready to go off.‭  ‬The person must cut one of two wires.‭  ‬Should they cut the red or blue wire‭?

Sound familiar‭?  ‬It should be‭!  ‬It’s been a staple plot device for the past‭ ‬20‭ ‬years.‭  ‬Legal Weapon‭?  ‬MacGyver‭?

Only one problem here.‭  ‬Does cutting a single wire really effect a bomb going off‭?  ‬Now two heroes go into a phone booth.‭  ‬One remarks,‭ “‬This looks like a job for the Myth Busters.‭”



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