Ustream + Livestream + BTR – The Dynamic Trio

Normally I Tweet (share by Twitter) good blog articles.  This week’s morning collection had some great titles:

  1. Did You Show Up For Your Job Today?
  2. My Three Medals for Top Personal Finance Sites, or Your Money Back
  3. We Interrupt Your Usual Crazy Day to Bring You Something Truly Sneaky and Evil…

Then it occurred to me that I should apply one of these today. So there:

We Interrupt Your Usual Crazy Day to Bring You Something Truly Sneaky and Evil…

Have you ever created a social media stew?  What if you have a customer who needs to be noticed?


Perhaps you take a dab of streaming from  First a bit of Wiki background at  It’s stream, folks – pure and simple.  First you set up a show or channel.  Then you get a camera that plugs into the computer USB port. Careful here.  I understand if you have more than one port, it could influence speed.

Next you need a camera.  It could be as simple as a Logitech brand (i.e. Walmart, Target, or Meijers).  But if you want to create a good show, you spend a bit more money.  Visit your local camera stores and talk to the techies.  You need a camera with SLR (single lens reflection) and capacity to plug into the USB compute port.


Maybe we should look at them at   You can find more about them from Wiki at en.wikipedia.or….

But I notice a strange difference.  In order to broadcast to more than 50 viewers, you need to apply for a license (or some such application).  They actually call it “verifying a channel”  There’s also a strange twist here.  You need a promo image that’s exactly 300×250 pixels.

Now isn’t this strange?  Why an “exact” size?  Most places you upload an image will re-size it for you

Blog Talk Radio

Then there’s Blog Talk Radio at blogtalkradio.c….  A Wiki article is found at en.wikipedia.or…. I prototypes some shows a while back.  I couldn’t get good sound quality with Skype.

Now guess what?  They offer a premium version that works with Skype.  Come again?  You mean you had a gremlin under the hood, hammering away at free account sound quality?

And another thing – while I’m at it.  I’m not on Google Voice.  When I try a show with Gizmo5 + Google Voice + Grandstream phone, it doesn’t recognize me typing in the host pin.

Yet if I combine Google Voice over an ATT land line, it works perfectly.  What gives?

Can you combine Ustream or Livestream with Blog Talk radio?

It’s possible to combine the video from ustream with audio from Blog Talk Radio.  Ustream puts the video out as an FLV format.  You need to convert is to an AVI at mediaconverter…..  Blog Talk Radio audio is in an MP3 format.  Then you combine both audio and Video into Windows Movie
Maker (now part of Windows Live).

The camera is a bit tricky.  You can’t just use the simple computer cameras (i.e. Logitech – available at Walmart, Meijer or Target).  I did phone a local camera shop (…) in Glen Ellyn, Illinois (USA). In order to cover a whole room (i.e. panel discussion), you need a SLR (single lenses reflection) video camera, which can plug into a computer USB port.  Not all video cameras can do that and it might cost about $500 for one.



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