Something Sexy…Something Morbid…+QC and Joomla

1000 Ways to Die

Pretty gruesome, isn’t it? It almost appears to be a “reality TV show” – but it’s not. It’s what you get for channel surfacing.

There’s two different US TV stations. One is Lifetime, which caters chiefly to women. The other is Spike – which caters chiefly to men.

The death show’s on spike – it figures!

If you watch the show – I admit I did watch a couple episodes, to see what it’s about – what do you see?

There’s usually something sexy thrown in. Which implies there’s a relationship between sex and death!

They also have some medical authority figure, dressed in a white doctor’s coat. This “expert” proceeds to share insights into what occurs during death. Just what the doctor ordered! No pun intended!

Why do we market to death? This is a subject that should be left to the theologians and philosophers. Not some reality show focus on the morbid.

Don’t get me wrong. I love shows about death, within the horror genre. Give me some classic H.P. Lovecraft or E.A. Poe any day. Even show their stories on TV or in the movie screen.

What’s so fascinating about a horny doctor and nurse engaging in sex? Add to that a patient obtaining full scan X-rays, while the nurse keeps bumping against the X-ray switch? The poor patient dies of massive X-ray exposure.

And this is just one of the tales they spin!

Look at death from a philosophical, theological, or psychological perspective instead. Read a book like Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. It’s about his experiences in a Nazi concentration camp. Read the reader reviews on Amazon. Or read about it on Wiki at en.wikipedia.or….

Do you have a formal QC policy/process?

This was asked by a client, in regards to another copywriter. They may be asking for a bit more than what is available. Quality control is usually measured by recognized third parties or corporations.

  • For example, if you are a project manager and are PMP certified, this would be an example of quality control.
  • Or if a major fortune 100 company certifies one as a black belt or master black belt, they are saying this person is a quality control or statistical expert.

But I’m not aware of any third party resources for writers or copywriters. Unless you look to university programs, like the University of Iowa. But that would exclude copywriters making a million + a year, who never went to high school. Anyone else have any input here?

Debugging Joomla 1.5 Errors

Joomla 1.5 search engine friendly URLs are getting a 404. We have Artio JoomSEF components installed. We know that Mod_rewrite works, from another independent test.

Anyway…remember when I compared looking at software errors…akin to a doctor taking an X-ray.

You need an X-ray machine. Apache logs are hard to read. But you can download them to you Windows machine. Then use a viewing tool like Apache Log Viewer at download.cnet.c….

But we need to see what happens before getting to the browser. There’s an article at…. It’s about logging PHP errors and I have set it up.

It looks like it’s in their language elements.



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  1. I discovered this blog on social bookmarking site. I liked it and gave you a fave! By the way I also really like your blog theme! Did you create it yourself or can I download it from somehwere?

    1. Hoodia:
      I downloaded the theme from the standard repository. The theme allowed for a custom header, which I created myself.

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