Golf bloopers And Social Media Video Projects

Here’s a guest post I did for a client recently

I don’t know anything about playing golf…BUT

I was a part time, academic bum at the College of DuPage ( ). I took a number of course over the years – chiefly in creative writing and software engineering.

I do know how NOT to teach it. You see…I learned this by personal experience.

Now I’m not cutting down COD, mind you. If I took another golf course…now there’s a pun for you…take a golf course at the golf course.

Anyway…if I took another golf course at COD…if I had another instructor…things would be different.

Yet I had time for “fluff” courses. Keep in mind, I was either working full time, or running a business. Yet I remember this golf course…very cheap. But then, junior college courses are very cheap.

I can remember this course, as if I took it yesterday. The instructor took us to the college driving range. Then he gave us a bunch of golf balls and a club. His instruction? Hit some balls for the next hour or two. Am I hearing things correctly? Well…pardon my French.

Time to give this course another crack. I returned the next week. The instructor gave us a bunch of balls and a club. His instruction? Hit some balls for the next hour or two.

I felt like I was in a time warp look. Everything keep repeating. Actually, they played this theme in the original Star Trek, and Star Trek – the Next Generation. But the folks there had access to technology.

Instead of going to a course, where the instructor says, “hit some balls” – there’s an alternative. They go to the holodeck and consult the classic masters (see en.wikipedia.or…).

If you live near a US junior college or park district, you find find some golf instruction cheap. Otherwise…

What happened to the COD golf instructor? He’s probably still there. While students shoot the balls, he’s probably drinking at the course clubhouse. Luckily, he wasn’t teaching jujitsu (en.wikipedia.or…) or aikido (en.wikipedia.or…).

Imagine him saying something like this: “Go practice throwing your partner. I’ll see you in an hour or two.”

Now let’s talk about this client’s video project

Marketer: I love it! I think it sounds great.

The only question I have is whether it will be confusing to the client, if we change the product name to Miracle Glasses? Don’t we want to be branding and creating the same product awareness throughout?


No it won’t. Keep in mind that social media is a bit different.

  1. First of all, we are subject to the terms of service of the video distribution channels. This would include popular sites like YouTube, etc. As part of the terms of service, you can’t directly advertise in the video.
  2. What we are doing is creating intrigue. It’s like the first commercials for Go Daddy. They had some beautiful girls in bikinis, with a web site for Go Daddy. This was aired during the super bowl commercial. Everybody (probably all males) clicked on the Go Daddy web link.
  3. David Carroll is a perfect example of someone who launched a music career, based entirely upon YouTube and social media. The story goes he had a guitar broken by United Airlines. If you search Google for United Breaks Guitars, you’ll soon discover 3 different songs. Listen to all of them – but note this. He has a link only to his website, at the beginning and end.
  4. People don’t watch YouTube to learn about products (not directly) – they want to be entertained.


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