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Opportunity to join copywriting critic group

I had this opportunity to join a copywriting critic group. The group would consist of 5 – 6 people, each being an experienced copywriter. The process is based upon an approach by Michael Masterson. He recommends writing something each day for 30 minutes. Then you grade everyone, based upon a scale of 1 – 4.

Here’s where I put on my thinking cap and find a concern in the process. He says we should give out a score. Imagine I take a junior college class in Spanish or French (actually, I did both). And imagine the instructor gives grades between 1 – 4. What would you think if the instructor said you got a 1 – or a 4 – on your last test? Suppose you ask to see the results. The instructor says they can’t, as it is against school policy. Would you continue with the class?

It would seem better to me to modify the process slightly. Have everyone submit a 30 minute piece of work one day. Then give a day or two to give written feedback to each member. Otherwise, I would feel like that individual, within the junior college Spanish or French class, that participated in the new grading system.

The other concern is about statistics. No statistician would agree with Michael, about this being a true average. The sample size is too small.

Ad Writing Pattern

Ben Hart is a well know, direct response marketer and copywriter. He lives in Lagrange, Illinois, and has been a former presidential speech writer and creative director. I spent several months in his direct marketing members circle.

He mentioned most great ads and headlines can be found in the tabloids. For years, this headline ran in the Natural inquirer:

5 Ways to Cure Corns

I couldn’t help but notice some blog headlines I tweeted today. Please observe the pattern:

Notice the pattern here, folks?

Client Website Stats

I noticed this under tools in . They have the capacity to register the site with the following top 3 webmaster tools:

Today I registered my own blog . There wasn’t the capacity to do that on a blog, except I did find a plug-in and registered XXX.

Essentially, you place a special code given by Google, Yahoo, or MSN, inside the plug-in fields. I was able to have both websites verified in Google and Yahoo. Unfortunately, Bing doesn’t have that capacity. So we have to wait until the sites are crawled.

Speaking of Yahoo – they do have a great, real time web analytics package. Unfortunately, it’s only available to a select group (i.e. those running Yahoo merchant sites).

I do like the Woopra client, as it monitors everything on your desktop. Their stats, coupled with open source Piwik and stats, gives a good overall picture. Of course, we still run Google Analytics, as it “is the appropriate thing to do.”


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