Web of Trust Website – Can We Trust It?

What is the web of trust (http://www.mywot.com/) ? It’s a site that promises safe surfing, just like http://longurl.org/ promises to show the real short URL.

There are downloads for the following browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer mywot.com/en/do…
  2. Google Chromechrome.google.c…
  3. FireFox http://is.gd/b8bSg

Recently, I was surfing the web and came across paydotcom [dot] com.

I installed the web-of-trust plug-in and it does flag the site. If I go to their site, I see a company with three domain names, located in New York City.

If I plug any of those domain names into http://www.whois.net/ , I get the company registering them is Enom, Inc. I find this company talked at http://is.gd/b8ca2.

So we should do some investigation first. Here’s the question I would first ask them. What is their relationship with Econ, Inc.? And if they just register domains, what is their real business name?

It appears that the main business is Mike Filsaime [dot]com, Inc.

So I did a search on Mike Filsaime, and I got this sites: mikefilsaime.co…, which lists his sites at http://is.gd/b8ck0.

Now let’s go to http://is.gd/b8cpt and see what he says about himself.

“Between 2005-2007, MikeFilsaime [dot] com, Inc. did over 10 Million is sales and over 8 Million Dollars in sales in 2008. 2009 is expected to be near $10,000,000 in sales.”

“MikeFilsaime [dot] com, Inc. is located in Long Island, NY in a 5500 sq. foot office with 17 employees by Mike’s side as well as 18 virtual employees world wide for a combined team of 36 people including Mike himself.”

“Mike Filsaime envisions growing a $100 Million Company in the years to come and is hoping to bring people along with him as he mentors people on their journeys to success.”

Is Mike telling the truth?

Well, I did go to the COD library resources this week (http://home.cod.edu/)and I plugged his company name (Mike Fissaime, Inc) into Hoover’s. It says this:

  • Company name – Mike Filsaime.Com, Inc
  • D-U-N-S#859973336
  • Location: Ronkonkoma, NY, United States
  • Sales ($ mil): 1.6 (note: this figure is per year)
  • Location type – Single Location

Next, let’s go to the New York Better Business Bureau at


Let’s go to check out a business or charity. So I put in Mike Filsaime [dot] Com, Inc at Ronkonkoma, NY

We notice a grade of F. Here’s what they say:

BBB Accreditation

“This business is not a BBB Accredited Business.”

BBB Rating

“Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F. Reasons for this F rating include:”

  • “18 complaints filed against business”
  • “Failure to respond to 2 complaints filed against business”

Summary (by me):

The person is telling the truth about the income their company earns, as Hoovers will validate that. But we can’t trust their business practices, as too many unresolved business complaints are filled against this company. So we have to dismiss his business as a candidate and search for other company candidates. We will run this same process through ALL the recommended candidates.

It appears that the web of trust website actually works!



8 thoughts on “Web of Trust Website – Can We Trust It?

  1. I don’t think most websites share public stats, yet it’s easy to figure out the competition’s web stats. But I do run stats for my own websites.

    For WordPress, I use the WordPress [dot] com and Stat Counter Stats. I like Google Analytics – just wish it was real time. I also like Yahoo stats – I wish it was available for everyone.

    Woopra is a good stat package, in that it has a desktop client. Piwik is probably the best open source software package. That is – unless you like log analyzers – my preference is AWStats.

  2. I found your blog through Yahoo search engine and I have to say that I’m very happy about your post.

  3. Your header is a bit wonky in Opera, mate.

    1. Quinn:
      I tried it via Opera on this computer and it looks good. I’ll check it on my lab top later.

  4. I saw this article bookmarked and very much liked it. will definately bookmark it as well and check your other articles tomorrow.

  5. Your findings about Mike Filsaime’s business do not prove anything. With the same reasoning, I can cite lots of companies, and many of them of the size of HP, that do not solve the complaints they get from clients. Any company in the world that sells the amounts of products Mike Filsaime’s company does, is going to have unsatisfied clients, or clients that do not read conditions of sale, or clients whose demand of satisfaction borders the unreasonable. If you are refunded, what else can you expect?
    I bought a few products from Mike Filsaime, liked some, returned others -just because they did not fulfill my objectives, for other people they could have been useful products, and MikeFilsaime’s company refunded me: no questions asked.
    No, sorry, but your procedure to evaluate companies is not valid.
    Clarification: I have absolutely no relation or connection with Mike Filsaime’s company. So my comment here is totally unbiased.

    1. Roberto:

      I’m sure Mike F. has his following. Keep in mind two things here:

      1. Web of Trust (http://www.mywot.com/) is an independent organization and they give Mike’s website an “untrustworthy” rating.

      2. The Better Business Bureau (http://www.bbb.org/) is also an independent body, which is well respected among businesses and consumers, has also given Mike’s company a bad rating.

      If Mike wanted to present a polished profile, he would work with the Web of Trust and BBB organizations, and do what is necessary, to improve his ratings with them.


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