The Truth About The Secret

Want the truth about “The Secret“?  Here’s the answer – from a Q & A I did recently.

What is Advertising?


Probably advertising is a mixture of art and science. Science in the sense of soft science (i.e. psychology, sociology, etc.), employing statistical methodology. It’s different from the hard sciences, like chemistry and physics. Although physics can be “pretty weird”, regarding it’s conclusions (i.e. string theory and multiple dimensions).

On the artistic side, advertising is only as good as the artist. The only ‘real’ test of an artist, is the test of time. 100 years from now – whom are they studying in advertising – 100 years back? What pioneers do academia and business focus on?

If you were in a position to do something entirely different, what would that be?

How about a millionaire, who devotes his time to “hack” writing (en.wikipedia.or…) and charitable causes?

Be Careful What You Wish For


“Be careful what you wish for.” I always ponder about the philosophies that promise thoughts can change reality:

1. Should I get on board “The Secret” bandwagon? It sure has made millionaires of the movie producers. All they did was find some stuff in books over 100 years old, and developed an effective marketing campaign. We can all learn from them.

2. Should I jump on board the health and prosperity gospel movement of Christianity? It has certainly made the TV evangelists rich, who promise it. But I have to be truthful here – I do love watching the Christian motivational speaker – Joel Osteen each week.

3. Or should we embrace the “new thought” or “metaphysical spirituality” movement. I have enjoyed reading authors like Joseph Murphy, Mary Baker Eddy, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Emmet Fox, or Joel Goldsmith. This raises many questions:

  • Can I embrace what Eddy says, without living her views regarding modern medicine?
  • Can I embrace with Ernest Holmes or Charles Filmore says, without embracing their mosaic law viewpoints on tithing?

Perhaps the “real truth” on these matters, is found in those who go deep in mystic matters. Maybe the monastics of the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic traditions. Perhaps the mystics of Eastern (i.e Vedanta) or Islamic (i.e. Sufi) traditions. Or even those of indigenous traditions, with their holy people and medicine men and women.

Perhaps folks – like the indigenous people – “might” teach that spiritual healing allows traditional medicines to work deeper and more effectively – an interesting thought!

“Be careful what you wish for.” Lots to ponder here. But we can “learn much as marketers”, by studying how they created and promoted “The Secret”, or televangelists market their TV programs.



5 thoughts on “The Truth About The Secret

  1. Perhaps another way to look at this is from the perspective of Tiffany Snow. She is a Christian who attained the gift of healing, after a lightening strike. Her website is found at

    One thing she once mentioned is that we are “co-creators with God”. Groups like the Eastern Orthodox Christians emphasize that “we are created in the image and likeness of God.” We move towards a process they call Theosis (see ).

    Perhaps one can embrace tradition Christian theology, while at the same time, giving credence to ideas from authors like Joseph Murphy, Mary Baker Eddy, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Emmet Fox, or Joel Goldsmith. Food to ponder!

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