End of The Internet

I found this in a forum. Try it and see what happens:

“I just discovered this today and I want to know if its just for me:”

“Type a random internet address then add .ro.ro at the end”

“Example: http://random-site.ro.ro

“How can it happen for every single address??”

“And always in your language/proxies language?”




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  1. Here’s what a friend shared with me:

    Hi, Randy…

    Looks like some smart Romanian kids bought the domain ro.ro

    As such, all the other web addresses attaching .ro.ro at the end will become sub-domains of the main domain ro.ro, hence being redirected to the same page…

    I tried to do this with Google too.

    If you add .ro.ro to the end of Google.com you’ll find a funny looking page.

    Have fun!

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